5 Reasons Why Our Transactional Email Features Stand Out From the Competition

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When it comes to email marketing, many businesses, gurus, and blogs alike focus on the importance of marketing emails — timed, targeted messages that are sent to a large number of customers or prospects. As essential as marketing emails are to a business’ core marketing efforts, don’t neglect the dark horse: transactional emails. When fed a proper diet (of email platform features), transactional emails can transform from a dark horse to a show horse.

Transactional emails, also known as “triggered” emails, are sent in response to a specific user’s actions, such as filling out a contact form, abandoning a shopping cart, requesting a demo, signing up for an event, or purchasing a product or service. Depending on the user’s actions, a transactional email is your opportunity to reconnect with the prospect or customer, encourage a sale or event attendance, or drive some other action.

But for your transactional emails to make an impact, you need a platform that provides you the features you need. This is where Pepipost comes in. We provide you a reliable, scalable Cloud-based transactional email delivery platform with the features that help you deliver success. Here are just five features that separate us from the rest of the crowd:

Reliable APIs
Chocolate or vanilla? Apples or oranges? Night owl or early bird? SMTP or HTTP? With Pepipost, you don’t have to choose just one. Send transactional emails with SMTP or HTTP API — the choice is yours.

Easy Integration
Integrate our APIs while enjoying your morning cup of Joe and deliver emails in seconds. Our system also works integrates with different platforms, from WordPress to Zoomla. By integrating with our reliable cloud-based email infrastructure, you can focus on growing your business instead of managing in-house email systems.

Powerful Triggerware Rule Engine
Before you can send successful transactional emails, you need to understand how your customers and prospects are using your website. Through our platform, you can identify your users’ actions and craft custom messages to drive action.

Highly Optimized Inbox Delivery
You’ve worked hard to craft a custom message. We work hard to get them delivered in the time it takes you to say Mississippi. How do we work so fast? First, our team of delivery experts follow the best delivery guidelines and protocols to fight against spam. Simultaneously, our engine automates the SPF/DKIM validation, IP/Domain reputation management, DNS Block Lists, and an endless list of other technical acronyms to ensure your important emails get IPs and Domains with reputation.

Actionable, Real-Time Analytics
Without real-time tracking data, you can’t adjust your strategy and improve your results. Through our intuitive dashboard or Webhooks, you can access useful insights and stats based on timeframe, email category, ISP, geography, device type, and other parameters. With boat loads of knowledge in your hands, you can drive solid business decisions, increase email ROI, and take over the world (or at least accomplish the first two).

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Pepipost today and see results. If you’re not ready for a full swan dive and would rather first get your toes wet, try out our free plan and send 25,000 emails for free every month.

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