6 Best Email Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2022

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A digital marketing staple, email marketing trumps several other promotional mediums to engage prospects and customers. With an unbeatable return of $36 for every $1 spent, it happens to be the most cost-effective communication platform that also allows for hyper-personalization.

No wonder why experts tout that it would be foolish not to include email communication within your marketing mix. However, incorporating this mode to engage with leads only works when you harness its true potential. One way of doing that is by choosing a robust email marketing software.
Email marketing software is no plain Jane! You don’t only use it to automate sending and tracking emails anymore. It’s also a tool that assists with email list segmentation, sequencing, conducting analytics, and generating reports on how a particular campaign performs.

Reach Your Marketing Goals with These 6 Email Marketing Tools

Want to dabble in email automation but are not sure which software to use? Fret not! We've tested and handpicked five email tools keeping parameters like features, price, ease-of-use, and overall functionality in mind.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most well-known email marketing software, and with good reason. It offers a bouquet of tools like email sending and replying automation, free template personalization, lead capture forms, and list segmentation.

What’s more, you can integrate Mailchimp with your in-house CRM software. You can also A/B test different emails to identify high-converting messages through this software. Mailchimp was once focussed purely on email, but the platform boasts a lot more in its kitty today.

Other than creating an email marketing campaign, you can use Mailchimp to build a website, buy a domain, publish posts on social media, create stand-alone landing pages, invest in paid ads, and much more.
Price: You can use Mailchimp for free for 2000 email contacts, which makes this tool cost-effective for small businesses. As your list grows above 2000 contacts, you can subscribe to their paid plan for only $10 per month.

2. ConvertKit

A feature-rich email marketing software, ConverKit boasts one of the most user-friendly interfaces. In addition to email automation, it quickly lets you create opt-in forms, email workflows, and personalized emails.

If you procure an email list, CovertKit can help you segment it. After segmenting email contacts, you can personalize and sequence emails for each segment using ConvertKit. You can also use one of its many free templates to build a landing page.

Further, if you’re looking for an email marketing software that seamlessly integrates with other platforms, ConvertKit is designed to link with PayPal, Woocommerce, WordPress, Stripe, and many others.

Price: Convertkit is free to use with 1000 subscribers. If your email list is more extensive than a thousand subscribers, you pay $29 per month.

3. MailerLite

With its enviable drag and drop interface, Mailerlite helps create intuitive and aesthetically pleasing email newsletters, invites, etc.

In fact, Mailerlite boasts hundreds of templates that you can personalize for your next marketing campaign. This software's strength lies in its user-friendliness, which makes email sequencing, conducting A/B tests, and reading campaign reports ridiculously easy.

Another advantage of using Mailerlite is its 24x7 live chat and email support. So, if you need to deploy time-sensitive email campaigns but cannot do so due to a technical glitch, the Mailerlite team is literally at your beck and call.

Price: Mailerlite offers multiple-tier pricing. If your list consists of 1000 subscribers, you can avail of their free plan. However, even with 1000 subscribers, you can only send up to 12,000 free emails per month. If you have a thousand subscribers but want to send unlimited emails to them, you pay $10 every month.

Automating marketing emails to an email list with 1001 to 2500 subscribers comes at $15 per month. For a list of 2501 to 5000 subscribers, the cost is $30 per month. Finally, for a list of subscribers between 5001 and 10,000, you pay $50 every month.

4. Moosend

If you’ve recently started out and are looking for a powerful yet affordable email marketing software, go for Moosend. It is a user-friendly email automation tool that costs less than most of its competitors. Drafting and scheduling personalized emails is no problem for Moosend, and it lets you study your campaign efficacy through its analytics dashboard.

It also comes with a template library where you can customize emails for different occasions, such as welcoming a lead, launching a product, or following up with customers. Even though Moosend is a cost-effective platform, paying subscribers to get robust customer support over phone calls.

Price: Moosend has two pricing models. One is where you pay per email sent. The second one depends on how many subscribers are on your email list. If your email list has under 1000 contacts, you get all of Moosend’s premium features for free.

5. EmailOctopus

Another cost-effective email marketing tool, EmailOctopus, offers a rich set of templates allowing marketers to create campaigns that work on any device. Within minutes, you can leverage EmailOctopus’s simple interface to create and automate time-based drip campaigns, import contacts, and integrate forms.

You can also generate customized reports to gauge a campaign’s performance. How? By using EmailOctopus’s real-time, in-depth data insights. This software tracks click-through and email open rates along with bounces and unsubscribe rates.

EmailOctopus comes with a WordPress Plugin that helps organizations boost their contact base without complex coding or integrations. You can also design landing pages, pop-ups, and in-line forms with the help of templates provided by the software.

Want your email automation tool to integrate with third-party platforms? EmailOctopus boasts connectivity with over 2000 third-party platforms, including Shopify, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and many others.

Price: EmailOctopus is free for an email list of up to 2500 subscribers. After which, you pay $20 up to 5000 subscribers per month and 30$ for 5001 to 10,000 subscribers. They also have a monthly price for 100,000 email contacts at only 210$ per month.

6. Grade My Email

A free tool, Grade My Email does a lot more than automating emails! It grades your email sends for content relevancy and authenticity. It also checks whether your emails are compliant with anti-spam policies, industry best practices, and worldwide email standards. If you’re on a blocklist, Grade My Email will inform you of the same.

With its features like ‘subject line tester’, ‘email tester’, ‘blocklist checker’, and many others, you stand to significantly improve the quality of your marketing emails. All you need to do is enter your domain on the home page, input your work email address, and click on ‘Check My Grade”.

As soon as you do this, Grade My Email’s algorithm will inform you on your email quality by testing it on 100+ email metrics. It will also advise you on what email settings you must configure to make the most out of your marketing emails.

Pricing: Grade My Email is free to use.

Over to You

A whopping 306.4 billion emails were exchanged in 2020. A tonne of these would be sequenced using email marketing platforms. So, if you’re not leveraging email automation, you’re missing out on a real chance to personalize brand communication and nurture leads towards conversions.

Don’t lose out on business simply because you couldn’t pick the right email marketing tool. Consult our list and select the one that suits both your budget and functionality.


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