Announcing the Pepipost Ongage integration

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We are pleased to announce Pepipost’s integration with front-end email marketing platform Ongage. This integration now enables non-developers to take advantage of Pepipost’s high speed and reliable email delivery with Ongage's manage list, segmentation, and email campaigns.


Benefits of Pepipost Ongage integration:

  • Experience AI Powered email delivery

    This integration provides non-developers to take advantage of the high speed and high deliverability rates of Pepipost. Thanks to Pepipost + Ongage, joint customers will be able to easily connect with Pepipost and use Ongage to manage lists, segmentation, reports and other email marketing needs.

    Key problems targeted by using AI in our system

    1. Stop spammers from signing up and sending emails from Pepipost
    2. Dynamic warmup based on performance, type of email and reputation
    3. Dynamic email delivery by understanding minute signals from ISPs and your domain/IP reputation and adjust delivery accordingly
  • Experience industry's best email campaign application

    Ongage is a leading front-end email marketing platform designed to simplify campaign management for companies of all sizes and in all industries. It enables you to drive growth, improve campaign effectiveness, automate email marketing tasks, and more. Thus taking care of all your campaign needs.

    When you create such great campaigns and use Pepipost’s best in class inboxing to deliver them. These campaigns are definitely going to give you awesome results and you get to experience industry’s best email campaign application.

  • Compose, Segment, Inbox, Track, Repeat

    Compose - The age-old adage ‘Content is King’ is still very much applicable today and is an important tool in every modern marketer’s arsenal. The content you send out to your customers directly impacts your inboxing rate.

    Segment - Now that you have created some great content, you need to select the right audience to send it to. Dividing your mailing list into segments based on various factors and sending them specially designed content receives the best engagement.

    Inbox - There you go, you have created the perfect content and selected the right audience to send it to. All you have to do is click send and we will make sure your emails land up in the inbox.

    Track - You can track your emails real time, access 90 days of transactional logs, segregate your reports tag-wise, get report analytics and get separate reports for your subaccounts.

    Repeat!! - The integration makes it possible for you to carry out all these essential steps and create a smooth and effective email campaign with ease.


How do I set up Ongage + Pepipost?

Watch this video to know how to quickly integrate Pepipost with Ongage and get on with sending successful email campaigns.


Beyond the Pepipost Ongage integration

We are continually working on upgrading our product and give our users a great delivery experience. We also value our customers the most and would love to hear from you on any feedback or suggestions you may have. Just shoot us an email at

We hope you are as excited about this integration as we are and we would love for you to give it a try!!

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