Top 10 Best Email Blacklist/Blocklist Checker Tools of 2020

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If you're an email marketer, this article is for you. Here's a list of the top 10 best email blacklist checker tools of 2020. We'll go over some of the newer tools out there that ease your life as an email marketer.

You need to keep track of your email marketing efforts. If you've observed very low delivery and open rates in recent times, there's a good chance that your IP or sending domain was added to a blacklist/blocklist database.

Which are the best email blacklist checker tools of 2020?

Now there are lots of databases that keep a track of spam IP and domains and you want to make sure that you aren't falling into either of those. Today let's go over the 10 best blacklist checker tools in 2020.

1. GradeMyEmail's All-In-One Email Blacklist Checker - Check 100+ blacklists in <1 minute

We are transitioning from our original name of Email Blacklist checker to Email Blocklist checker to support "Black life matters"

There needed to be some way to check your IP/domain with all of the spam databases. As an SMTP service, we figured that you shouldn't need to waste your valuable time verifying your blacklist status with 10 different blacklist checkers. And thus decided to create this tool.

By simply entering the IP and the domain name, we search all the known spam databases within a few seconds.

But, many other blacklist checkers can do the same if they decide to expand their databases checks.

What's special about GradeMyEmail's blacklist checker?

You use a blacklist/blocklist checker to confirm your suspicion. But what's the point of knowing the status, if you can't fix it?

When we designed the tool, we knew exactly why someone visits a blacklist/blocklist checker.

And hence, we've added an option to get your IP/domain delisted from the blocklist database by either providing you with the exact steps or by helping you out personally.

Confirm your domain/IP ownership and you receive the steps that you'd need to take for clearing your IP from a blacklist.

Here's a list of all the email blacklist/blocklists that we check through with our email blacklist/blocklist checker: List of email blacklist/blocklist databases.

Now moving on to the next one.

2. Whatismyip's Email Blocklist Checker

Whatismyip has been a very well known website for a really long time now. It was created back when DHCP local networks, subnets, and Gateway routers became common-place in household networks.

With the need for IP blacklists, they also created their own IP blacklist checker tool here. Their tool scans your IP or domain through multiple DNS blacklists/blocklists and SURBLs (domains that appeared in unsolicited emails).

Though most major mailbox service providers only check for DNS blacklists, some may also scan SURBLs and this tool can be handy in such a scenario.

3. MXToolbox's Blacklist Check

The third on this list is the email blacklist/blocklist checker by MXToolbox. Being an email specific website, this is a well known website in the email community for mail server related tools.

The good part is that they too check with ~100 blocklist databases giving you a complete picture of your status on the databases at present. However, you will not find the right solution to get out of the email blocklist. So you'll have to continue your search once you figure out which blacklist/blocklist you're listed in.

4. DNSBL Blocklist Check

This is one of the original blocklist databases. Along with checking for your blacklist/blocklist status, their website also provides information about which servers are up and running while which ones are down.

It comes handy when we're working on removing an IP or domain from the blacklist database.

5. DNSChecker IP Blocklist Checker Tool

This is yet another really trustworthy tool. They check with 50+ blacklists for your IP status and provide an easy table with a list of blacklists and their listed status.

The reason why DNSChecker is well known is for the multiple tool offerings that they have on their website including MX records checkers, DNS health analyzers and more.

6. MultiRBL Blacklist/Blocklist Lookup Tool

This website helps you look up your IP for blocklist checks through multiple RBLs or DNSBLs. Apart from that, you can also test your sending capability by sending an email from the servers. One very handy tool for email marketers indeed.

7. Spamhaus IP Blocklist Checker

Unlike the other tools listed out here, the Spamhaus blacklist lookup is not just a lookup tool. It's one of the major blacklist/blocklist databases for some major mailbox service providers! Even if you don't get to lookup your IP through multiple databases, you get access to the most updated information on their database.

They have some of the strictest spam filtering policies that many other databases also use. So if you're out of their list, you're most likely not falling in most others too.

8. Spamcop Blocklist Checker Tool

Spamcop works based on the number of spam reports or spamtraps that your IP has been part of. The higher the number, the more likely that your IP/domain reputation drops and you will be included in this list.

They also offer support in terms of getting your IP and domain delisted from their blacklists/blocklists.

9. Barracuda IP Blacklist/Blocklist Checker

Similar to Spamhaus and Spamcop, Barracuda being an internet security company, maintains a list of IPs that have been known to spam. This list is in-turn used by multiple major mailbox service providers to keep a tab on which emails get through to the inbox, and which ones jump right into the spam folders.

10. IPVoid Email Blacklist Checker Tool

IPVoid checks your IP through 80 IP reputation and DNS blacklists/blocklists along with a reputation check API for developers to integrate in their own tools/websites.

Final Verdict

Try the GradeMyEmail's Email Blacklist/Blocklist checker tool out. I don't say this because it's our own tool but to save you time and effort. As an Email Service Provider, we know what will make your life easier as an email sender and marketer.

And if you do end up in a situation that you're unable to fix, our chat support and email consultants are always available, at the bottom right of the screen. Feel free to get in touch with them if you have any questions.


That brings us to the end of this list! Email blacklist checker tools are very easy to make for many websites. And you'll find a ton of websites popping up to capitalize on the possibility of earning some ad-revenues. But it's best to stick to some of the major lookup tools to ensure that the data you get is relevant and can be used for improving your email ROI overall.

If you're not blacklisted, but still experience deliverability issues, you can have a look at how to improve your email delivery rates. And for a ton of bounces, there are many methods to follow for reducing bounce rates here.

Feel free to get in touch with us by clicking on the chatbox on the bottom-right if you have any more questions and we'd be happy to talk to you.

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