20 Best SMTP Plugins for WordPress- Alternatives to WP Mail SMTP

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Well, sending and receiving a bulk of emails from your WordPress website can be a discomfort sometimes. Because it may happen that an email doesn’t hit its destination. Why? What happened? What went wrong? So these are questions that you desperately want to address. Am I right! All these questions have a simple solution- WordPress SMTP Plugins.

And addressing the issue and then rectifying it takes time and resources as well. Fortunately, you need not go that further for there is a quite simple solution for your email woes. Want to know what is it? Yes, SMTP plugins for WordPress which are available in the WordPress repository may help you in this issue. But, we want to help you out by providing a detailed list of WP Mail SMTP Alternatives.

One cannot deny the fact that the WP Mail SMTP is one of the best plugins for managing your outgoing WordPress emails. But this might not be the case always. Although its usage is highly recommended, sometimes it doesn't quite work great.

However there might be a chance that you are looking for WP Mail SMTP plugin alternative. So if this the case, then here in the post you will get to know a little about SMTP and seven best WordPress SMTP plugins to install and have a simpler way to use an SMTP service with WordPress.

What is SMTP and Why you Need it?

In short, SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is a protocol used for sending and receiving emails. While sending an email, an SMTP server breaks down your email into its relevant parts and helps move it further from your email client to your recipient’s email client. And also, most of the emails there in your inbox are probably from an SMTP server.

Now actually what happens is that if you know WordPress uses the wp_mail function to send emails via PHP mail. Meaning your site is sending emails via the same server that your site is hosted on, which is certainly not optimized for sending emails. Of course, it does work but lacks authentication. This is the reason why emails send via WordPress’ built-in PHP mail often land up in spam.

But with SMTP, this is not the case. You can order your WordPress site to send emails via a properly-configured SMTP server, instead of WordPress site’s server. And with this setup, your WordPress site sends the email to the SMTP server, processes the email and finally sends it on to the proper inbox.

Since the SMTP server is well configured to handle sending and receiving emails with the appropriate authentication in place, your emails have a higher chance of making it to recipients’ inboxes. You need SMTP not only for this purpose but also you can use the SMTP server for free email services, like Gmail and Hotmail.

Thirdly, if you are into a serious business where deliverability is of utmost importance to you, then using a third-party and dedicated SMTP server for sending emails is a must. It may include Mailgun, Sendgrid, and Mandrill, etc.

Why do you need an Alternative for WP Mail SMTP?

A WordPress SMTP plugin allows you to use an alternative method for sending emails with better deliverability rates. This plugin helps you make sure that people are actually receiving the emails sent by your WordPress site.

But the possibility that you may want to use an alternative for WP Mail SMTP is the conflict between WP Mail SMTP and another plugin that you are using. However, if this is the case then try contacting both development teams with the issue.

Here are some of the Best Alternatives for WP Mail SMTP

You can check out the below listed WP Mail SMTP alternatives. We have listed the unique features and the pricing plans of each of the plugins. You can find the SMTP plugin which suits your business needs the best.

Pepipost SMTP Plugin

Pepipost is basically a cloud-based SMTP service provider. It is a robust SMTP relay service that lets you send emails without worrying about the email servers. It comes as a simple email delivery service designed for developers. You can send emails via Pepipost in less than a second after just a 5-minute integration. All you need to do is to change your configuration to point to Pepipost's SMTP servers and add your credentials from Pepipost Account.

The feature that makes it unique from others is that the Pepipost plugin uses API integration to send outgoing emails from your WordPress installation. It replaces the wp_mail function included with WordPress.


  •  24X7 developer support
  •  One of the best pricing plans you can find in an ESP
  •  Great email deliverability rates.
  •  Great speed with real-time reports for emails sent.

Postman SMTP Mailer/Email Log

Postman SMTP mailer is considered to be the reincarnation and updated version of Postman SMTP. Once this SMTP plugin was quite famous before the original developer stopped supporting it and WordPress.org removed it due to an unpatched security vulnerability.

This plugin emphasizes on three things-security, simplicity, and reliability. It even works on the hosts who actively block SMTP ports, and has the capability to deliver over HTTPS as well. This one is used by many WordPress websites. It works on the latest security standards by utilizing OAuth 2.0, improving the security of your email passwords.

The best part about this plugin is that it does not store the password in the WordPress database and thus protects it from the hacker attack on your website. A lot of work has been done on improving this SMTP plugin. Postman SMTP is one such that is regularly updated and has some over 80,000 active installs of their own. This server also includes a handy setup wizard with a great job of simplifying the setup process.

The other unique things that come with this plugin include-

  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite.
  • Lets you define a secondary fallback SMTP server to use if the primary server fails.
  • Includes a built-in email logger to track emails sent by your WordPress site.
  • Connectivity Test for proactively diagnosing any server setup issues
  • Logging to diagnose the exact cause of any failed emails
  • Supports international alphabets and HTML mail
  • API integration with a variety of external services

WP Mail Bank

WP Mail Bank is one such plugin built by Tech-Banker, an India based company. WP Mail Bank is regularly updated with about 40,000 active installs and good reviews. It gives you two options for sending emails.

One is simply to use the provided SMTP settings which work similarly to WP Mail SMTP. The second option is the built-in PHPMailer. The plugin offers a premium version as well. Being active on million websites, WP Mail SMTP is a freemium WordPress SMTP plugin that lets you connect to any SMTP server by entering its details. You can also directly connect to the APIs of some of the popular SMTP services.

The interface is well-designed, and you can also send a test email to make sure your chosen configuration is functioning properly. It has got easy configurable general email parameters.

Gmail SMTP

Gmail SMTP, as the name suggests focuses on connecting you to one specific SMTP server — Gmail. If you wish to use Gmail for sending your emails, this one you should definitely try.

Unlike other SMTP plugins, Gmail SMTP doesn’t let you have just enter your SMTP username and password. Instead, the plugin uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization. This comes useful when you need good security, but it requires you to perform some basic setup tasks in the Google Developers Console before using it.

Once you create your app in Google Developers Console, you can head to Settings → Gmail SMTP to enter the API keys for your app and enable the plugin. Once the setup is done WordPress site will automatically start using Gmail’s SMTP server to send your emails.


  • Includes a tool to help you send a test email to verify it is functioning properly.
  • Works perfectly with Gmail
  • OAuth 2.0 protocol for added security
  • Native TLS/SSL authentication
  • Good configurability


This is another handy plugin whose settings are quite similar to the one that WP Mail SMTP offers, thus making a good alternative. It lets you enter the settings for your outgoing email server fast and easy and also compose a test message with the subject and body that you can send to one of your email addresses.

Easy WP SMTP is 100% free WordPress SMTP plugin. It essentially just takes the same settings from the code method above and lets you configure them from inside your WordPress dashboard.

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can head to Settings → Easy WP SMTP to enter the details for your chosen SMTP server. They are regularly updated and have over 100,000 active installs.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Use Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail SMTP server natively
  • Good basic security

SMTP Mailer

SMTP Mailer is yet another popular and free plugin which is quite similar to the Easy WP SMTP plugin. It has got a simple interface that can easily connect to any SMTP server.

In fact, the interface is almost identical to WP Mail thus becomes easy to configure and use. Once you activate the plugin, head to Settings → SMTP Mailer, enter your SMTP server details, and you’re set to use it.
The plugin also includes a tool that help you sending test emails.

SendGrid SMTP Plugin

The last in the list is SendGrid which comes with a free SMTP plan to send up to 100 emails per day. With the native SendGrid SMTP integration, you can easily and securely set up SendGrid SMTP on your WordPress site.

By simply adding your Username and Password, you can start sending emails through Sendgrid. This SMTP plugin allows you to bypass the normal WP mail function for sending emails through the Sendgrid SMTP service.

Quick Read: Best Sendgrid Alternatives

Here are 13 other WP SMTP Alternatives you might consider for sending Emails

  1.  WP Mail -logging by Mailpoet
  2. weMail - Email Marketing Simplified
  3. WP SMTP Config
  4. Post Notification by Email
  5. SAR Friendly SMTP
  6.  Mandrill SMTP
  7. WP Mail-logging by Mailpoet
  8. WP SMTP config.
  9. Sparkpost SMTP
  10. GD Mail Queue
  11. Sendpress Newsletters
  12. WP Mail Booster
  13. WP Mail Users

Wrapping Up!

No doubt, WP Mail is one of the best SMTP plugin but in case if you are experiencing any issues with it, then certainly these are the good options to try to get back on the right track of email deliverability.

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