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The Digital Ocean TIDE event was an exciting and action packed event attended by developers, marketers, startups, product guys, VCs and investors.

In case you missed it, here are few key notes from the event.

Vijay Kumar Ivaturi- The unusual one

Vijay Kumar Ivaturi, fondly known as VKI is one who has lived through the technology ecosystem for over 3 decades. At the event, VKI shared some brutally honest truths behind developing a task force.

The CTO of Crayon Data and also the author of a 'The Manual for Indian Startups' emphasized the difference between ‘mentor agreement’ and ‘investor agreement’. With an industry experience of more than 3 decades, VKI spoke about the trade-off between vision and traction for startup success and shared few tools and techniques to start and scale-up business.

Highlight of the session: “If chemistry doesn’t exist, the arithmetic doesn’t matter”

Pepi Dibya on how to build a successful SaaS business

Our very own Pepi Dibya shared the Pepipost journey to illustrate how to build a successful SaaS business. He kick-started the session by explaining what it takes to make a business truly SaaS and captivated the audience by sharing the formula for success.

  • Transparency is not a choice. Selling SaaS = Trust
  • Having a great product & service is just not enough. Get to the why of your brand, find your story and build your culture
  • Hire people who believe in you and your vision
  • Practice content rich marketing

Highlight of the session: “SaaS is all about trust. People put their money and effort only if they trust your product”   

CTOs take on building a Scalable Business

A new perspective came into picture when CTOs from different businesses came to a panel junction and discussed about the degree of criticality when it comes to technological decisions for building a scalable business.  The panel discussion had an eclectic mix of speakers - CTOs of Coverfox , CleverTap and Edge networks) well moderated by CTO of Bizongo.

According to them, it is easy to follow the good practices but difficult to predict what goes wrong. The technology decision for building a scalable infrastructure must come at the very beginning when writing the very first line of code.

Targeting the today’s new age of developers and their penchant for going with the latest programming languages, CTOs cited that while new languages spring up, it’s important to choose one that is good for business, not necessarily the latest one. Case in point - Facebook which is built on php.

Highlight for the session: “Think about scalability right at the beginning, at the first line of code”

Startup, one for the enterprise

Priyodarshi lahiri, CTO at EdGe Networks, discussed what all things are important when building a B2B startup with focus on developer community.

  • On premise != More security. Dispel the myth
  • Don’t dumb it down for your developers
  • Clarity for your developers in terms of specs

Priyo also highlighted on a very debatable topic of Devs and Devops team being different. Sharing what EdGe Networks practices, a common team for development and devops

Ecosystem Enablers to Building a Startup Nation

The stage was shared by corporate biggies from bfsi industry and new-age startups to discuss about the role of ecosystem – government, investors, technology, mentors, incubators, etc in building a startup nation. Technology has been an enabler across industries. First it was retail then ecommerce and now the next big wave expected is fintech. In the not so distant future, technology will ease the banking processes with chatbot payments via facebook and skype.

The need of every start-up

A jack of all trades, Ajeet Khurana - angel investor, mentor, TEDX speaker and former CEO of SINE enthralled the audience with his witty humor laced speech on what entrepreneurs really need to be successful. He stressed upon the need for a strong backing (from investors & mentors) for start-ups and shared some hard dose of advice for the new gen entrepreneurs who romanticize about start-ups.

Founder Story: Insights from the Start-up Journey

Founders across different start-ups shared facts and stories of their journey from zero to where they’re now.

It’s always good to hire a candidate based on their 10th grades, as that shows their real potential, said Mohit Gundecha, CEO at Jombay, when asked about how they hire people.

Highlight for the session: “Hack it your own way to crack it!”

How do you seek traction from investors?

This session was a mix for investors and start-ups looking out for funding. Panelists from different start-ups who managed to get or were looking out for funding made many impactful statements regarding what the VCs and investors see in a start-up before investing.

2 key highlights of the session were,

  • don’t start for exit
  • think about VC only when scaling, not for sustainability

Your network is the net worth

Digital Ocean’s TIDE was an excellent platform to interact with a diverse mix of audience-ranging from CXOs, founders, VCs, developers and industry experts. Giving the opportunity to network and under other businesses as well.

Also separate sessions were conducted simultaneously with the Digital Ocean’s team where one could get their queries resolved in real-time or also share their wish-lists.

Friday ended on a great note with our discussions opening talks to new partnerships and collaborations.
It was fun being at the TIDE event. We returned with bag full of knowledge, fun and freebies, of course!

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