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An e-mail has been and will always be a constant method of communication for running a business. Reaching to potential clients, communicating in the market with customers, collaborating with new clients and marketing new products involve various communication tools like chatbots, social media platforms and most importantly emails. You can integrate the marketing and transacting emails for your business using the Email API’s. Pepipost allows customizable integration for your transactional emails. Just like all the email APIs available, Pepipost also allows you to send emails seamlessly with a few configurational changes.

Here is the complete guide to Email API service by Pepipost, one of the best Email API solution for developers. So integrate your emails and deliver them with the flexible SMTP Relay setup and marketing capabilities with applications.

What is an Email API?

Application Program Interface a.k.a  API works as a Messenger that transfers your request to the system and also brings back their response. So connectivity can be created by the interactions between different data, devices, and applications that have APIs.

Email APIs help the developers to send emails. An Email API allows the user to access the several functionalities that any email sending platform offer. Like for example generating emails, dashboard metrics, accessing templates, etc. While various applications make use of SMTP to send the emails, to gain the complete access to programmatic features a developer can use Email API. The latter also leverage extra capabilities to the user that are not presented to the legacy protocols.


To know it better, let’s say that you’re using the Email API by Pepipost for sending emails. So you will be given a unique API key for the authentication of your account. Using this key you will be able to make the Email API requests. This service will help you in sending emails quickly and at the same time also ensure that the emails land into the correct recipient’s inbox.

Why Choose Email API?

There are various email sending platforms that support API service. But the question is why developers choose API? Here are some points to note.

  • Inbox Delivery Optimization
  • Real-Time Tracking with Webhooks
  • Offline Tracking with Stats API
  • Template APIs
  • Frequent Notifications
  • Create Custom Metadata and Dashboard
  • More Secure
  • Effective Deliverability Speed
  • Curate Reporting tools
  • Developer friendly API Documentation

Integrate Email APIs in Minutes

One can send emails either via SMTP relay or the API service. Integration with Email API is quite easy and can be completed in less than 5 minutes. You can use the libraries that are already ready in the language that you prefer and start sending emails.

Inbox Delivery Optimization and Engagement

The passion of these services is the delivery of emails. The leading platforms in the email delivery industry include tools and expertise that help you to land your emails into the right inbox and further drive engagement. Most of these platforms work to improve deliverability with the link and domain customization, whether using a dedicated IP or shared IP pools to send the emails. They also aim to eliminate phishing emails and domain spoofing with their SPF and DKIM record creation that is customizable in some cases.

At Pepipost you can closely monitor your email delivery and even watch out the inconsistencies in email behavior. Here the delivery experts work on neural networks and understand minute shifts to auto adjust the throughput. You can also enjoy the email engagement with the Pepipost’s email API universal linking functionality.

Real-time tracking with Webhooks

Nowadays it is important to develop powerful Apps with Real-time Data. Real-time webhooks basically trigger actions in the application whenever your sent email is opened, bounced or clicked. The creation of lots of different webhooks can be required for a business, helping in solving problems related to data warehouse ETL and production workflow.

Integrating your app with the email API of the Pepipost callback URL for your email event is defined and you can get the real-time feeds on your system. Check the status of your email activities, its deliverability, and everything. It doesn’t restrain email from being a one-way communication.

Pepipost tracks responses in real-time so that you can accordingly take action. The perfect use of Webhooks is tracking the bounces in your signup forms. That is when someone hits the submit button on the signup form, you can send them a confirmation email. A warning will be displayed on the sign-up page in case the bounce webhook are triggered by asking to change the email address.

Offline Tracking with Stats API

If you are not looking for a real-time tracking system then Stats API can help you. You can go to the API remotely and check your activity logs. Pepipost offers an extensive repository of the same that downloads all your email activity logs for your later use. The Stats API repository will meet the majority of your requirements.

Template APIs

Pepipost offers the feature of Template APIs that you can use every time. Just pass the template once and refer to the template ID for future use. It reduces the payload size and you can also avoid sending a repeated set of data packets over API.

Email Personalization

Sending the right content and making your content reach each of your recipients is important. Now you can actually customize your emails to get what you need. Apart from using APIs to retrieve the statistics of your campaign, and knowing the real-time events through webhooks, the dynamic content feature allows you to send a totally personalized message.

You can use the PUSH mode to receive the data in real time through your own webhooks or on the external queuing service like Amazon, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. You can make use of the various loops, variables, conditions and the easy templating language to personalize your templates.

Custom Metadata

Custom metadata is another important part of email API that is supported by various platforms including Pepipost. You can associate custom metadata with each of your emails to access it at any time during the lifecycle of the email. It works on the simple key-value pair. So like if the key name is X-APIHEADER, the value will be what you want to pass. You can pass various kinds of data like InvoiceID, MessageID, TransactionID, etc. With this, you can keep an easy track of each of your email messages and can even link back the responses easily into your system.

Dynamic Email Delivery with Sending Visibility

Email delivery issues are common and troubleshooting these is unavoidable. You can get help by the enhanced email activity feed of the API platforms that add visibility into all your email messages. You can make use of the advanced search option of the email activity feed to filter tons of messages. Its multiple filter capabilities allow easy pinpoint of a specific email message, including partial subject line search.

At Pepipost you can take advantage of the sequential event organization and understand the entire journey of any email message- detailed from its processing to delivery, and from being clicked to open.

Secure Sending Environment

The safety of the data is of utmost importance and you can trust us for it. The safety is taken very seriously and a number of measures are taken into account to maintain the trust. So secure your email with the two-factor authentication, API key permissions, precise teammate permissions, IP Access Management, and much more. And with the enforced or opportunistic TLS, you can also safeguard your messages. Through the secure, redundant, and distributed data centers get continuous mail flow benefits as well.

Developer Friendly API Documentation

Integration with Pepipost first is not required to test the entire features of the API. The docs are simplified in such a way that you can test while reading the doc. The built-in API Explorer will help you to make API’s complete test drive before approval.

Globally Distributed Email API Service

After perfectly customizing the message it is important that the email is sent on time. The delivery system should be optimized to process data correctly. Out of all the hops, the biggest hop is the acceptance of the email send from your application and this is mainly dependent on network latency.

The global distribution of the email API servers helps in reducing network latency. Pepipost has deployed its email API servers at multiple locations globally. And so it is ensured that the request of email sending is served from the nearest location. Currently, the servers are situated in New York, Delaware, Frankfurt, Singapore, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and more locations are coming.

24/7 Live Chat Support

Every email API platform has an expert in your corner. The Customer Success and Support Team is ready to guide you and provide you with the information needed. The support at Pepipost is readily available and for free. The developers here work around the clock to help the customers with their questions. However, unlike Sendgrid, differential access to support not provided.

Pepipost Office Locations


The API specialists understand all your technical needs and identify the source of problems to help you troubleshoot it. This is important as the support from API experts helps to maintain a stable system ensuring one's long term success.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are a large enterprise or a startup, you can depend on these email API platforms to manage your emails. There are world-class platforms that are managing, maintaining and delivering over 5 billion emails for their clients. Pepipost has proven its deliverability and aims to achieve optimal inbox delivery. Don’t take any word for it, try it out yourself. Check out the customer reviews that have solidified its position at the top.

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