Email Autoresponders – Unsung Heroes of Content World

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Imagine someone who is always available for you, for every action of yours they react to it, someone who does only what you want them to do, who works for you in your absence. Never leaving your customers alone.

Who is it?

Okay! More hints...

They work whether you’re sleeping, playing, or, eating. Most importantly, they never give up, and they reassure your customers that someone is there for them.

Who is it?

The unsung heroes of the content marketing space – Email Autoresponders!

Autoresponders are the most beneficial friends of online marketers. They work day in and out to continuously reach out your audience with relevant offers and valuable content.

When used correctly, autoresponders can be on of the best aspects of your business. However writing a series of autoresponders can give be quite the process.

So before going into how to manage/write an autoresponder series. let’s cover more about email autoresponders

What are email autoresponders and why do I want them?

Autoresponder is a response to a defined action - an email message which goes out to your subscribers in the required manner and frequency.

They confirm something has happened; they give the customer the knowledge that their request has been received, and that more help will be on the way if they need it.

Where to start from?

There are many different points where autoresponders can be placed in one’s business. However. using them at least in the following ways is recommended:

  • A welcome sequence

One can send emails right after a user subscribes to your newsletter/services.

It can contain a thank you message for subscribing, a CTA to most read blogs or something which drives to your site.

  • A sales medium

Autoresponders turn subscribers into customers by  prompting them with company’s valuable content and lucrative offers. They can also be used for cross-selling activity depending on the type of business you are in.

  • The auto pilot mode

Autopilot is the exact term to define an autoresponder sequence. Making an autoresponder sequence for sales is widely adopted by organizations mostly in e-commerce, software automation domains.

Some of the do’s and don’ts


  • Give what you promise- if you say you’ll give new subscribers an early access to sale, or some free service/download, then do it.
  • Give messages a personal touch- autoresponders need not be boring. Make them more personal to your customers by making them relevant, humorous, or interesting by retaining the purpose of the message.
  • Build trust- keep your customers updated with what you stand for and what you are into.


  • Stop at a welcome message- many organizations send out one message, and that’s all they have in their autoresponder sequence. Adding some more messages in the series will help you stand out from your competitors.
  • Send multiple messages on daily basis- filling the customer’s inbox with too many messages isn’t the purpose of setting an autoresponder series.


Usually people setup and focus on different traction channels and miss out on autoresponder emails which can get them good volumes of revenue generating customers.

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