5 Must discuss topics at Email Evolution Conference 2018, #NOLA

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Heading to Email Evolution Conference in #NOLA coming week, here are few burning topics we must expect a knowledge share on.

1. GDPR is good or bad?

With GDPR in effect from 25 May 2018, it has a direct impact on marketing practices, including email as a channel. How far will GDPR affect my emailing? How can I continue emailing under GDPR? Here’s our say


2. AMP in emails, the next big thing in email

Google implementing its AMP in emails for which users need not go to landing pages. Is this a drawback for email marketers who keep track of user’s web activities? This is what we think

Email Evolution Conference-Higher Quality emails with templates


3. How will Artificial Intelligence in Emails disrupt the emailing space?

AI is not only the hottest topic around but also the biggest thing to discuss among the email fanatics. From recommending products to boost email conversions to automated warm-up plans, it’s all happening with AI. Read more.

Email Evolution Conference-AI driven dynamic email


4. Has email started feeling the heat from Slack, Facebook Messenger and other email killers?

Slack and similar messengers are taking control of the internal office communication, is email losing out on a big segment of emails? Or there’s no way Slack can replace email?

Email Evolution Conference-Generational divide


5. Is 100% inbox delivery real? Or just a myth?

Email service provider commit of giving 100% inbox delivery, do they themselves have 100% control over email delivery? It’s easy to get confused with all the articles over web talking about the 100% delivery.

Email Evolution Conference-Email Deliverability

So get ready with all your questions and bombard them on email expert’s attending the EEC 2018, #NOLA.

Here’s a bit more about the event

The Email Evolution Conference (EEC) is planned for all grades of marketer who are searching for on-the-job marketing solutions.

EEC attracts highly qualified decision-makers from the world’s appreciable companies. If you want to reach a targeted audience of email markets, then EEC is the place to be.

Here’s the whole schedule

Pepipost’s participation and what can you expect?

Pepipost is a proud sponsor of the Email Evolution Conference 2018, #NOLA. Stop by our booth #205 and get expert advice on your emailing problems and best practices from our experienced team. Also, hear from them how AI is being used in email deliverability at Pepipost. Learn more about leading technologies surrounding email. You’ll get to network with peers and learn from the best in the industry.

Email Evolution Conference-Booth #205

Keep asking us questions related to emails on twitter (use #EEC18 @pepi_post) or in the comment section below.

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