How to Earn Money through Pepipost’s Referral Program?

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Refer to your Friends and Earn $50 on every Paid Customer

Whenever you like a product or a service you go and boast about it to your friends or peers. But do you get any perks in return? What if you start earning money just by letting your friends know about Pepipost.

It is cool, isn’t it? And adding on to the spice, you can easily earn $50 every time you Refer.

Now let’s have a look at how you can get the maximum benefit out of this Pepipost Referral Program.

Refer and Earn $1000

How to Earn using Pepipost Referral Program?

Step1: Signup on Pepipost. Click on the drop box which is located near the top right-hand side, and then click on “Refer & Earn $1000”.Dropbox

Step2: The Referral Program Dashboard will be displayed before you. Enter your valid Paypal Email, As soon as you are eligible, we will transfer the amount to this account. If you want a transaction via a different method, drop an email here

Paypal ID

Step3: Below the Payment gateway dialog box, you will notice a Referral link generated. This Referral Link is unique and your Friend can avail 30% discount only when they provide this referral link during Sign Up.

Referral link

What is the Maximum amount I can earn?

You will be eligible for payment as soon as your friend subscribes to any of our Paid Plans.

Payments will be processed once they have been a paid user for minimum 75days. 

For example, if your friend makes the first payment on 20th October, you become eligible for payment on 5th January given your friend has been a paid customer till 5th Jan. Your payment will be processed and reflected in your account by 1st Feb.

Secret tricks to promote your Referral Link

Results can be achieved through infinite ways but the vital action is to share your unique link with relevant businesses. The Simplest rule is “The More you share, the More You Earn

  • Social Media Sharing - We have integrated Facebook and Twitter sharing links. One click, you can easily share your Referral links and tell your friends what you really like about Pepipost and explain to them why they should also be using the ESP you love.
  • Friends & Peers - Share the link to your close friends and business peers. If they are searching for a new Efficient Email Service Provider, you can easily send your unique referral link and guide them on how to register and use Pepipost.
  • Avoid Spends & Spam - If you know someone who spends lots of money or is having a huge spam rate, Pepipost is likely a great alternative for them. Reach out to them and explain how they can make the switch, save money & get assured inboxing.
  • Email & Newsletter - You can broadcast your unique referral link via emails to your prospects or include Pepipost’s Referral Program in your newsletter. 

If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to drop an email here. We will solve your queries immediately. 


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