How to increase your email open rates ? – Part III

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Consumer is king, isn’t he? In our capitalistic and consumer-oriented economy, we are forever trying to please and fulfill the needs and desires of our customers. The internet and emails are tools that you, as a company, could use to your advantage in today’s ever-connected world. Sending emails with what you have to offer to your consumers in one of the surest ways to accomplish this.

In our previous articles, we spoke of how you, as a company, could increase your emails open rate.

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In this article, we will look at a few more ways to ensure the same.

Send Emails that are worth opening

Time is scarce. No one seems to have much time for anything today.
Ask yourself: What are the things that you really spend time on in a day? Calls? Books? Travelling? Work? Does an email figure in there anywhere?
With regard to work, maybe. But otherwise?
So, the challenge ahead of you here is to make your emails compelling. Make your customers look forward to your emails and what you have to offer them. Personalize your emails (or don’t) so that your customers know you care.
As we had covered in our previous articles, the attention of your customer can waver very easily. That’s why it’s up to you to keep that attention focused and capitalize fully on that focus.

Increase your visibility

It is very important that you make yourself “visible” (known) to your customers. This will, in turn, lead to fostering of a faith in the emails that you send. This faith will further persuade your customer to open your emails and engage with them. Some of the ways in which you can ensure this is:
i. Send a series of welcome messages to let your customer know of your interest in providing them with services.
ii. Send emails at appropriate timings, so that emails that you send are usually the first emails that the customer will view.
iii. According to the days, (working days, holidays etc) send emails which will capture their imagination.

Ask subscribers for their problems and desires

This will show you in a more favourable light to your customers. Questionnaires and personalized questions are methods that can be used to do this.

Provide an option to unsubscribe

Allow your customers the freedom to unsubscribe from your contact list if they wish. This will eliminate those who don’t make use of what you are trying to sell them, thus clearing up your list of customers to add in more. This also reduces the number of emails that are not engaged with.

Establish, Maintain and Improve Relationships With your Subscribers

This will ensure that your customer opens any email sent by you, just by virtue of seeing your name beside the subject line.

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