Best Optimization Techniques For Your Email Marketing Campaign in 2019

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More than 75 percent of marketers admit that they’re investing more in email marketing today than they were a couple of years back; that’s an investment corpus breaching $2 billion in 2014. With personal and business emails expected to grow to 333 million by 2022, more than shoot and scoot tactics, you need email marketing strategies to target high ROI.

If your inbound marketing strategy is veering towards increasing investment in email marketing, are you focusing on emails in isolation or will you consider mailing as part of a broader package of services?

We’ll walk you through result-oriented options to ensure that your email marketing campaign achieves the perfect lift-off and stays in cyber-orbit as you shore up the bottom-line.   

Email Validation: Low-Quality Recipient Lists Compromise Your Emailing Campaigns

No matter how good your emails are, your campaign success hinges on the quality of the recipient list. If your emails are bouncing off undeliverable addresses or treated as spam, your message won’t reach the intended destination.

There is also the problem of customer attrition or churn; you’ll find that 20 to 25 percent of the recipient list disappears owing to people unsubscribing you or opting out or changing their addresses.

Software solutions experts like Byteplant offer real-time email validation and secure your messages, adding spam safeguards. Within no time, you drive your campaign into high gear with highly effective and cost-efficient emailing that guarantees results.

Inbound Marketing: Growing Your Subscriber Base and Generating Leads

A simple question: What attracts a customer to you? Straight answer: The value that you provide which makes your offer relevant to the pain point the customer is facing.

The ideal customer reaction: “This is it; this is the solution I was looking for.”

It is possible to deliver premium satisfaction through a simple tactical move - creating blogs with search-friendly content customized to solve individual problems the customers are facing.

 4 Successful lead-generating strategies:

  • Do A/B testing to increase the visibility of your subscriber box to ensure that visitors fascinated by your blog know where to reach you. By removing distractions and by positioning the box correctly, you prompt visitors to engage you at the first opportunity.
  • Fill your blog space with informative and knowledgeable attention grabbers like webinars and podcasts where third-party experts, peers, and industry bigwigs wax eloquent on your strengths. This strategy is a proactive way of overcoming customer churn with a steady stream of new subscribers.
  • When the customer reaches for the unsubscribe button, present multiple emailing options such as fewer emails or emails that convey only relevant offers and discounts. Alternatively, ask if you can send e-brochures or white papers regarding customer-specific problems.
  • Over 80 percent of successful email marketers leash the unsubscribe rate below 3 percent by merely asking the audience to state the email frequency they’re comfortable with

Predictive Analysis: Targeting the Right Audience With the Right Message at the Right Moment

The moment customers sense that emails are irrelevant to their needs, they reach for the unsubscribe button. Irrelevancy occurs when you fail to read the audience and what they need. You have a problem when the right message pings the wrong people and the wrong message disinterests the right people.

How is it humanly possible for you to know what thousands of customers are searching for and then devise a means to address such needs?

Where human intelligence stumbles, we turn to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms.

Predictive analysis (PA) is an AI-driven statistical modeling tool that studies consumer browsing behavior and purchasing habits to predict how consumers are likely to behave in the future.

Using PA, you gain a better understanding of your customers. Once you know what attracts the customer or what propels the search query, you tailor the message to address individual needs directly.

4 Ways Predictive Analytics Models Boost Email Marketing Campaigns

Following are the four best predictive analytics models that can boost your Email Marketing Campaigns-

1. Customer Segmentation: Predictive analysis broadly classifies your audience into three categories

  • Customers segmented because of differences in behavioral patterns.
  • Customers categorized based on their affinity to products and services, and
  • Customers that are brand conscious and desire lasting relationships with your company.

The algorithms note behavioral patterns like the frequency of visits, points of dissatisfaction (pogo-sticking), what attracts visitors the most, the time they spend on your content, and seasonal variations in buying behavior. The product and brand related interactions tell you a great deal about what attracts or repels visitors the most.

2. Customer Engagement: Predicting the probability of the customer engaging the brand in the future

  • The chances of the customer clicking your link in the email: This helps you decide what to send and which information to withhold.  
  • The likelihood of the customer buying the product: If it’s a first-time buyer, you need detailed messaging that informs and nurtures the relationship. A repeat visitor would find special offers and discounts more appealing.
  • The possibility of customers unsubscribing you: An algorithm, detecting such a propensity, automatically suggests an upgraded offer that reworks mail frequency or offers something enticing instead of continued patronage

3. Customer retention: Maximizing avenues for cross-selling or upselling products

Email marketers could take a leaf out of the marketing insights propelling the world’s number one retailer. Amazon goes above and beyond in retaining a customer after the first buy, and it does this through algorithms that manage “Amazon Recommendations.”

Amazon studies customer profiles and buying behavior to gain insights regarding what customers may be interested in, and as a result, buyers see “similar” products that others have liked or clubbed with each purchase.

Every sale comes bundled with offers upgrading to better models, or cross-selling peer acknowledged products, creating opportunities for expanding sales and boosting revenue.

These predictive analytics models and tools are immensely useful in deciding the right products, marking the right links, and addressing the right recommendations through emails. After all, the most successful email campaigns are those that respond correctly to the unique interests of customers evidenced by individual customer behavior.

4. Media Integration: Synergizing Emails and Social Media for Better Marketing Impact

It goes without saying that survey after survey places email marketing at the top of the heap in driving inbound digital marketing strategies. It also needs to be acknowledged that social media is the globe’s largest generator of referral traffic.

The all-inclusive digital marketing strategy emphasizes the integration of both email marketing and social media outreach.   

Let’s dive into an example. If your clients are proud and happy to associate with your product or service, why not give them bragging rights via social media? When Sony launched their VAIO series of PCs and smartphones, red arrow-marked Pin-It buttons were placed in company emails so that buyers could share their purchase with their inner circle.

The exponential force of positive customer response click-throughs (CTRs) enabled Sony to exceed all their email revenue objectives. Both Sony and Pinterest benefited through media/email integration.    

  • Build an active online community through social media and remind subscribers (potential and existing) of the advantages of associating with your brand, and to share ideas and innovative products.
  • Incentivize community members by offering attractive prizes (products of their choice) in online quizzes and contests.
  • Leverage Twitter cards to sign up in email listings without the discomfort of leaving the browsing platform. Consider a promotional tactic such as “Keep abreast of industry happenings with our biweekly curation of top developments.” And for all those coffee lovers out there “Join our coffee club and get the best offers and treats in town with our amazing coupons.”
  • A happening Facebook page of the company would be amiss without a prominent subscription box with a teaser like “Last week our clients made a killing on discount offers worth $75 on purchases exceeding $100, and took home a spring hamper of goodies free.”
  • By uploading your social media subscriber lists, you effectively put a face to every people-centric tweet that resonates in cyberspace. It’s a way of gently reminding clients that you care enough to engage them directly, and you value their inputs.


Ensuring email deliverability, spurring customer engagement, and boosting campaign performance using the tips and tricks we’ve shared are guaranteed result-oriented ways of optimizing email marketing.

Review the best email validators in 2019, and engage experts that do an immaculate job of email validation with all the bells and whistles of cutting-edge AI-driven technology. In no time, you’ll notice a sea change in the quality and quantum of traffic you’re attracting.

Remember that customer segmentation and relentless optimization of content bring you closer to understanding each visitor’s journey. The rewards are lavish when you address customer-centric pain points.

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