Mailgun vs Pepipost – Best Bulk Email Service Comparison in 2020

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You can spend an ample amount of time in building an effective and attractive email campaign but what will happen if the user doesn’t ever see it. All your efforts will be in vain! Right? And what if you want to send mass emails? Deliverability becomes something of utmost concern! Picking a good Bulk Email Service is not easy, and one which can assure you inboxing is even more difficult.

So, what is the perfect solution? 

How can you make sure that your amazing emails get the best Inbox placement?

Here, we will help you compare two amazing Bulk Email Service Providers on some factors that are certainly required for Inbox Delivery and On-Time Delivery!

Now, there can be various requirements for a business for the type of email that they want to send to their customers. These can be any of the following sorts:

Promotional ones-

To promote your new feature or Price offers and alert your subscriber list.

Knowledge-Based ones-

To send email newsletters to keep your subscribers updated and connected with you!

Acquisition ones-

To let know of your product and attract the audience by building awareness, encouraging prospects to become the actual customer.

Finally, Retention ones-

To remind a customer about your business and urge them to come back again for any sort of transaction.

Irrespective of the kind of Bulk Emails that you want to send out in the market, these need to be carefully organized and aid from an Expert Bulk Email Service Provider makes these task just a piece of cake. Let’s start with knowing a little bit about the two Bulk Email Service Providers - Pepipost and Mailgun.

About Pepipost

Pepipost is a Netcore Product, started in early 2015, so as to help developers and enterprises send transactional emails in the most efficient way. Pepipost have AI integrated into their platform and they have the philosophy to keep the email ecosystem clean by encouraging good sender practices.

About Mailgun

Mailgun was founded in 2010 as a response to the lack of developer-friendly, API-based email services. The idea was to make it simple for developers to integrate email capabilities into the app Mailgun offers a complete cloud-based email service for sending, receiving and tracking email sent through your websites and applications.

But How to Decide which one is better - Pepipost vs Mailgun - Bulk Email Service Comparison?

You should first think what all things are a must and you cannot go away with when it comes to having a hassle-free email delivery service that sends bulk emails in just a few clicks and saves a lot of your productive time at work. Let us take you through the few deciding factors for the same.

1. Pepipost vs Mailgun Pricing Comparison

No matter what business are you in! Money matters a lot. Most of the Mass Email service Providers put you on different monthly subscription fee for which you need to check your requirements or the number of emails that you will be sending in a day or a month. Analyze your email count to select the right plan as for your business to be beneficial, you need to get your work done within the budget.

Let’s see a quick comparison of the Pepipost and Mailgun Pricing.

As you can see, Pepipost certainly wins in this!

2. Where is Pepipost on Deliverability against Mailgun

You just don’t see the price while buying the product right? Quality also matters. Deliverability Rate is one such thing that you should definitely ask your Bulk Email Service Provider. Transaction and Triggered emails need to be placed in the customer inbox immediately else they are of no use.

Talking about the two Mass Email Service Providers that we are considering, both the emails service providers provide secure sending and infrastructure that protects your sender reputation in order to avoid hard bounces and enhance the email deliverability rates.

But, Pepipost email delivery engine widely runs on Artificial Intelligence which understands the customer’s behaviour by capturing and analysing minute signals coming from ESPs, thus, making an email, best serve its purpose for which it was sent for. They ensure that emails are delivered to the inbox by diagnosing email issues and also by monitoring spam blacklists.

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3. Few More Insights...

Tracking the performance and improving on the insights found is very important. After all, how else will you get to know what all tasks and strategies are working for your business? Best decisions come from data!

Tracking the performance of your email delivery and evaluating your strategies can help your business a lot, thus guiding you in the right direction to be successful.

Pepipost and Mailgun both provide real-time advanced Analytics but Pepipost gets an edge as with their Stats API, it is easier for you to keep creating backups of the older data at your end. Pepipost provides you with a searchable 90-day activity feed for all your email campaigns.

This exclusivity makes Pepipost a better choice from the other mass email service providers available in the market.

4. And How About Mailgun Support?

Have you ever thought, how frustrating it can be to wait if you are trying to find a resolution as soon as possible but not able to talk to the right person who can guide you through?

With Pepipost, you will receive the on-point help from the 24/7 Live Chat Support. You click it, select the average email volume and your chat starts.  Also, they do not give differential access to support. Help is free and is readily available from a knowledgeable support team!

The free tier of Mailgun did not allow the use of live chat support. Hence, creating a ticket and anticipating for a resolution happened to be a great deal-breaker.

You can stay ready with your questions in prior so as to clear all your doubts!

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Final Thoughts!

Working together with an expert in Mass Email Service provider will surely make your business grow and touch heights. There are many other Bulk Email Service Providers that you can look for but we have talked about the best in place.

As you saw, with Pepipost, you can definitely expect the best ROI. Pepipost being a Top-notch Product offers a free trial so you can judge the performance of the service. An easy on-boarding process, reliable and knowledgeable team for quick support can make a huge difference for the business to implement and absorb something new.

So, without further ado, communicate and engage with your customers and let your business shine.


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