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In this comparison article, I have tried to compile few attributes on which you can compare three renowned SMTP Relay Service Providers - Pepipost, Mailgun and SMTP2Go. The attributes that I have tried to cover are- pricing, email deliverability, support, features they offer amidst a few. So let's begin!

Ding! You’ve got an email.

What do you do? Quickly skim through the subject line. Sounds Interesting? Maybe, so you open it, read through, end up finding something cool about a product, and if it appeals to you, you take the required action.

All this happens in a couple of minutes. Thus, deciding on the consequences of your effort to pull your potential customers. If this email had ended up in spam, your client would’ve never seen it, right?

That’s where the entire story of email deliverability comes into the picture. And with this comes, companies that offer their superb email deliverability as a service or an SMTP Relay service.

But Why is a dedicated SMTP Relay Service so Important to Have?

Firstly, you can’t use your personal email’s compose option to send emails to more than a few hundred people at once. A majority of webmail providers (i.e. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) put a limit on how many emails you can send to different recipients per day.

This is very inconvenient because your email list is going to be in thousands or even hundreds of thousands if they are already aren’t. Thereby, the option of sending bulk emails at a personal level gets ruled out.

This is where using an email delivery service can help you override the limit and send emails to all your endless list of customers with just one click. You get much better tracking of how many emails were delivered, opened and clicked, along with the time they were opened and by whom. This gives data to build better campaigns in the future. And makes it way easier, beneficial and efficient for the Businesses today!

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Now that we understand that we need an email service company, we are spoiled with choices in the market. Pepipost, Mailgun, SMTP2Go, and many more.

How do we Choose the best between Pepipost, Mailgun and SMTP2GO?

Let’s discuss a few deciding factors to make our decision simpler.

1. Price

If you’re a small business owner, Price is a major concern! Most email delivery services put you on a free tier with a limited number of emails per day or per month after which they charge you with some monthly fee based on your usage and subscription. Let’s see a quick comparison.

Pepipost took the lead by being the most value for money Email Delivery Service.

2. Reliability

We clearly don’t want our emails to be sent straight to the junk folder. So we expect our Email Delivery Service to take steps that help us reach our customers’ inboxes. With over 14 billion spam emails sent every day across the internet, spam blocking algorithms have become very smart.

Different emails need different behaviors. A marketing campaign needs to be optimized for delivery and reduced bounce rates. But in case of a transactional email, take for an example confirming a customer’s order, the email has to reach “there and then”.

Pepipost makes use of neural networks and machine learning technologies to understand the purpose of an email, and changes the delivery techniques accordingly, thus, making an email best serve its purpose for which it was sent.

In other words, if you are sending a genuine email, you can rest assured that your email will be delivered to the inbox. Side note, you can only expect near 100% delivery rates because there are always minute chances where your email will go to their junk/spam folder.

3. Ease of Use

Depending on what you’re building or integrating Pepipost with, you need to add the API key. If you’re building an app from scratch, the API has to be simple so you can focus on building the app rather than building the email service integration.

Now even SMTP2GO and Mailgun have an API of their own. But with Pepipost, if you’ve already been using an API wrapper, it takes less than a few seconds to start using Pepipost. It’s that easy!

But wait, that’s for the developers. What about an average user? They get a beautiful, simple, and very functional dashboard that places everything you frequently need, just a click away!

As you see, the quick menu on the left gives you one-click access to the dashboard, analytics, billing, your account settings, and more.

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4. Initial Setup and Testing

When you first sign in to Pepipost, you get a simple checklist. It pops out of the bottom left of your screen, and all you need to do is click on each one of those and complete the initial, one-time setup.

In the settings, you also have a Sandbox option which allows you to send a quick test mail to your account, without setting up your account.

This makes things very easy for you! With the SMTP2GO and Mailgun, you have to complete the setup before you can see how fast and efficient the email deliverability is.

With Pepipost, it’s:

  1. Signup
  2. Send a test email and see tracking information LIVE
  3. Setup the account if you loved what you saw.

With SMTP2GO and Mailgun:

  1. Signup.
  2. Setup everything before knowing if they can offer what you need.
  3. If you don’t like it, you just wasted lot of time setting things up for no reason.

Test first, setup and purchase later is always better than setup first, test and purchase later.

5. Help and Support

This was a tie between Pepipost and SMTP2GO. Mailgun was the slowest in case of support. With Pepipost, you have a quick support chat at the bottom right.

You click it, select the average email volume and your chat starts. And to my observation, Support responses almost instantly!

Even with SMTP2GO, the support was great! The response arrived within a couple of seconds and they helped resolve the query quickly. Similar to Pepipost, they have a support chat at the bottom right.

The free tier of Mailgun did not allow the use of live chat support. Hence, creating a ticket and anticipating a resolution happened to be a great deal-breaker.

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Final Notes…

After pondering over, the first place undoubtedly goes to Pepipost!

When it comes to being affordable and reliable, Pepipost takes the trophy. Their blazing fast support and machine learning-based email delivery systems, adds up to a package that just cannot be beaten.

SMTP2GO takes the second place, mainly lagging because of their high prices for lower volumes.

Mailgun takes third! Because of the high prices and no chat support for basic tier members.

So, what are you waiting for, hustle harder, and get the right email service provider for your business?


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