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I am a developer. I am smart. And I am lazy.

As developers, we all hate doing repetitive boring tasks and are constantly in search for quick solutions to avoid redundancy in every manner. So here we are building lifesaving tools - bots, crons and other snippets of code to eliminate the mundane tasks.

Philosophy we developers live by is -

Anything that needs to be done more than once can be automated.

And to automate things, we use conditions -

IF this THEN what?

In dev world, the saying goes…

Every Trigger has an equal and opposite Action

We also use smart tools to automate tasks.

One such messiah is Zapier.

What is Zapier?

In the world full of apps where every app has its own stand-alone importance,

What if two apps can talk to each other?

Zapier does exactly that. It’s an online automation tool that supports hundreds of apps. It is a platform used to integrate multiple apps together. With minimum efforts, it allows data to flow from one system to the other.

Zapier totally works on APIs. It majorly works on these 3 activities: Trigger, action, and Searches

Pepipost is on Zapier

Pepipost Zapier integration

As a business, you can’t falter on your communication. HubSpot cites that anywhere between “25-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.” So what you need a mechanism where you send out timely messaging to your customers in response to actions taken by them across channels.

Pepipost Zaps help you to stay notified for every trigger that is available on Zapier. So you can now easily automate your email communication and hyper-target your customers. No code. No hassle.

Make your own Zap with Pepipost

  1. Trigger

A trigger is an event which initiates Zapier to receive data from your app.

Few triggers you can set:

  • Form fill on website (new subscriber)
  • User unsubscribes
  • Shopping cart abandoned
  • Payment is done
  • Customer tweets using the #companySupport hashtag
  1. Action

Every trigger will be followed by an action – what needs to be done when the event happens.

For the above examples, you can set actions like these:

  • set off a welcome email to successfully onboard the new customer
  • Remove email address from the CRM
  • set an alert of 48 hours and check if the order has been completed
  • send an email notification about payment received
  • send a service request alert email to the customer care team

So this way, you define triggers of one app and actions on another app and it’s done. This trigger-action combo is called as Zap.

  1. Search

Here comes the best part of Zap – It not just lets you work on new data, you also get to look up existing data in one of your apps and set a trigger, a rule to pass on data to another app. For example:

  • Look up customers who have taken your product demo and send out a thank you email.
  • Find subscribers who expressed interest in your Black Friday campaign and send out a promo code.

Few recommended zaps for your Pepipost account:

Pepipost and Zapier

Pepipost helps you send triggered and transactional emails with amazing inbox deliverability.

Zapier helps you to manage the process of passing data between Pepipost and the apps you use.

Here’s how you can integrate Pepipost with Zapier:

Let’s take an example of WooCommerce - Pepipost integration, the best combination for all e-commerce people.

Whether you're having trouble reaching out to all your customers or want some help tracking orders as they come in, this integration can help. Set it up, and from then on Zapier will automatically send out an email through Pepipost whenever a new order is placed on WooCommerce, ensuring you never miss a single sale or opportunity to engage with your customers.

Comment below your desired Pepipost Zap and we’ll build it for you 🙂

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