The Pokémon Go advice for staying safe in the game of email

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Pokemon Go, the immensely popular augmented reality video game that has taken the word by storm has caused its fair share of problems to the gamers and everyone else. Pokemon Go users in their frenzy to ‘catch them all’ are seen walking head on into objects, crashing car into a tree and tripping all over.

Come to think of it, your emails too are facing a similar ‘Pokemon Go Problem’ – of tripping over the Spam filters that prevent them from reaching the inbox. And this could very well be happening with your transactional emails as well. So what could be the reason for hitting Spam? And most importantly how does one overcome this problem?

Staying safe in the game of email (avoiding the spam filters)

  1. Use caution: True, you are on a mission to search for your Mewtwo, or a Raticate, or a Horsea. But whatever be the big goal (growing your email list or getting maximum revenue out of email or driving traffic to website), overlooking hygiene is like personally inviting the Spam filters. Get your basics right and everything else will fall in place. Build quality email lists. Don’t send emails to users who have not subscribed to your email program.
  1. Avoid the ‘strictly off limit’ Zones: You don’t play Pokémon Go at the holocaust museum or the Arlington Cemetery. Know what’s off limits and don’t get swayed into sending email to everyone (a batch and blast approach). It will only put you at risk of receiving more spam complaints. Instead segment the list and send targeted campaigns. This will increase the engagement levels of your users and also put you in the good books of the spam watchers.
  1. Check yourself before you wreck yourself: The game makers of Pokémon Go did include warnings to players about staying alert and aware of surroundings. But that hasn’t stopped some from tripping and getting hurt. Don’t want to hurt your email deliverability? Just stay alert and follow the best email practices (proper authentication by SPF and DKIM, having an unsubscribe policy, not emailing frequently/ irrelevantly). Doing this is like using candy in Pokemon Go – it only makes you stronger at the game.
  1. Choose right: Just as picking the right team is very important in Pokemon Go, partnering with the right ESP will take your email program a long way. That’s because the success of your email program also depends on the IPs used to deliver the email. Using services of ESPs with low sender scores and poor reputation will affect email deliverability.

You can check if emails from your domain are landing in Spam - Email Blacklist Tool

No game is without problems. Fixing them is what makes it an awesome experience. Try our exclusive offer for Pokemon Go lovers.


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