Lessons to every SaaS Startup: How to grow your business from 0 to 10,000 customers

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10,000 customers from around the globe and counting. That’s a big milestone for any SaaS startup. As a customer obsessed company, we at Pepipost are absolutely thrilled to have hit the mark.

As we celebrate, we take a moment to go back in time and share with you our startup journey experience and things we did to get to where we are today.

5 steps to Startup Success – How to grow from 0 to 10,000 customers in less than 2 years

#1 The first step is to face your challenges

No magic here; solve your problems first before you solve your customers’

Every startup is faced with its unique challenges. A few of the early challenges we faced -

  • Being a developer how can you sell a product?
  • As someone new in the market, how will anyone trust us (a startup) to deliver their most important emails?

Identifying barriers and overcoming them is the first step for your startup to see the light of the day.

#2 Build a Product so right that they’ll have no choice but to love

It’s not when or how to launch the product, but how to get the product right that matters

Most saas startups launch with the philosophy – Get big fast. Ours was – Get better first. We rolled up our sleeves and got down to building a product that people will love enough to tell their friends about it. Six months on, our beta version was out in the market. The first customers are not just the hardest, they are the ones that’ll give you a reality check. Our approach was not to offer freebies for fancy testimonials in hope of more signups but to get their raw critical feedback. Its early conversations not conversions that’ll validate your startup business idea. It’s like you are out there in the market with a hypothesis – People love my product and go on to test and prove it.

#3 Love what you do

Our love for our work goes far beyond the free food and flexi work.

OK, we do enjoy these perks 🙂 but the one thing that stands out; the reason we work the way we work is because we are a bunch of happy employees. Happy, highly motivated employees who are constantly reinventing ourselves and finding more ways to make our customers feel special. There exists an intimate connect within our employees, our product and the customers that we reach out to, which has made the most difference. We believe that if we keep a frank and friendly relationship with our customers, work gets done faster and more effectively.

#4 Build the A Team

Like they say, all marketing falls on deaf years when your users are mostly developers.

So when we wanted our product to go places, we first focused on getting an A team of developers, who singularly focused on only one goal: Making Pepipost customers successful with their SMTP / APIs. Everyone involved in making the product interacts with our customers. This empowers them with insights to improve the product on a daily basis.

Today if we have received the highest customer satisfaction score, it’s because of our unique 24X7 Support backed by the team of Developer Evangelists who offer real time solutions to customers using TeamViewer technology.

#5 Have beliefs, live by them.

What does Pepipost have in common with the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon? 

A strong sense of purpose. That is what makes companies different and most loved. We too started Pepipost with a purpose.

Sending emails must be free and easy.

It’s not just any fancy tagline, but the soul of the company that drives every action we take. When we set out, we thought, ‘Let’s make the world a better place, free of spam. The way it was and is meant to be.’ Our actions reflect our mission. We are the only ESP that doesn’t charge for email opens. We are building a community of good email senders and want to encourage users for their good email sending practices.

Every startup has a story to tell, a lesson to learn. How has your startup experience been? I want to hear from you.

Bonus: We’ve even made an infographic of our journey to 10,000 customers. Have a look here.

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