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All marketers need to be able to set up good email marketing. Especially beginners need to understand all the tools that can help. They will be as useful as for essays.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the promotion of a company's products via e-mail. The marketer gathers a subscriber base, prepares newsletters, personalizes them, and monitors efficiency.

In addition to direct sales, mailings perform many other important functions:

  • Lead customers through the sales funnel. Sometimes everything happens automatically, even without the participation of an email marketer.
  • Teach subscribers how to use the product.
  • Revive sleeping users - they again become interested in the company and buy.
  • Distribute content from other channels: blogs, events, social networks.

3 components that can increase the efficiency of mailings:

  • a specially developed very interesting proposal, which is almost impossible to refuse, described in a series of letters;
  • correct title;
  • specially selected target base of potential clients.


Everything falls into place when you realize that e-mail marketing is not an advertising channel, but a channel for building trusting long-term relationships with your customers.
More than 90% of clients at consultations tell me that they do not use the potential of working with the base of existing clients. They write something to them, but irregularly. As a rule - when there are promotions, discounts, new offers.
Here are 2 concepts that are important to understand. We can communicate with our customers in the style of "buy-buy-buy" to mention them only when we need to sell something. This concept may be suitable for online stores, but it is not always effective.
And another format - in the style of "give-give". In this format, we have a clear understanding of who our client is, what worries him. We systematically send him valuable, useful information. Articles, videos, practical selections, life hacks - everything that simplifies life for your customers in your industry. This is what builds trust between you and your customers. This way you will sell more and easier.

Why email marketing?

In short: to raise the company's profits. We tell, at the expense of what it occurs. Email marketing increases repeat sales - Attracting new customers is always more expensive than retaining old ones. Newsletters effectively bring users back to the site - they come again to buy the product. The letters strengthen the image of the expert With the help of the newsletter, we can train customers and share useful materials. All this creates the image of an expert, which positively affects the attitude of subscribers to the brand. Newsletters are profitable - According to Campaign Monitor, each dollar invested in email marketing brings in $ 44 profit. High conversion - On average, mailings give 10 to 30% of sales in online stores. The largest potential customer base - According to Radicati Group, in 2019, almost 3 billion people have email. Facebook's audience, for comparison, is 2 billion.

How to start email marketing?

Email has many features that need to be considered before launching. Here are the stages of creating the first mailing - from preparation to the launch of the first letter.

  1. Read the rules of mailing services and postal services. Most of the answers to what can and can't be done in email marketing can be found here. Start with UniSender rules, and then go to the rules of mail providers - for example,

  2. Set up corporate mail. We need it so that we can send many emails that will not be spammed. And more solid with it: letters will be sent not by some, but by

  3. Sign up for the mailing service. This is an application that has all the tools for email marketing: you can download the subscriber base, configure integration with a CMS or CRM system, collect a letter and even configure automatic chains that will go away without our intervention.

If you are still thinking about which service to register with, try UniSender. Up to 1,500 letters per month can be sent at a free rate. At the same time, absolutely all functions of service are open.

  1. Gather a subscriber base. Emails can only be sent to users who have agreed to the newsletter. You can collect the database using forms on the website, at events, or on social networks. We tell in detail how to get consent and where to get subscribers.

  2. Configure the technical part. The technical part includes several records in the DNS zone of the domain. If you add them - mail services will be more willing to skip our emails in the "Inbox" to users. The "DNS zone of the domain" may sound scary, but here's a simple instruction on how to set it up.

  3. Prepare the first letter. We write the text, think about the design and type. If you work in the mailing service, then all these steps can be done in the block editor. You do not need to know programming languages, just drag the necessary blocks and write the text.

  4. Check the letter before sending it. If you are sending a newsletter for the first time, we recommend that you run it through our checklist. Yes, for everyone.

  5. Send. When everything is ready, feel free to click "Send". This is the simplest stage.

  6. Evaluate effectiveness. Let's see how effective our letter was: how many people opened it, went to the site, and made a purchase.

Types of letters in email marketing

A letter is the main tool of email marketing. There are many types of letters and they all perform different functions: notify about important changes in the personal account, inform about new products, respond to the actions of the subscriber on the site. Here are the main types of emails that email marketers send to subscribers.

Regular mailings

These are emails that the email marketer collects manually each time. This can be a digest with news, product recommendations, or an entire article in a letter. Such mailings are sent at regular intervals: once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month.

Regular mailings help to keep in touch with subscribers and show that there is a real person behind the letters in the company.

Trigger letters

This is a large group of automatic emails that come in response to user actions: registration, transition to a new stage in the funnel, long inactivity. Several types of trigger letters:

Welcome letters

The user subscribes to the newsletter - we send him a letter. We talk about ourselves, get acquainted with the product, show the benefits.


These emails go away when the user does not open our emails for a long time or stops being active on the site. The task of the reactivation letter is to revive the subscriber, to force him to take targeted action.


Help to clear the old subscriber base from inactive contacts and leave only those who are interested in mailing.


In e-mail marketing, it is important to have a strategy, to understand with whom and what we will communicate in our letters. And it is important to understand that regularity of mailings is very important. People get used to us, sometimes they open our letters, but we always remain in their field of vision. If we write useful right things, we gradually become friends. And when there is a need for the next such purchase - the customer will come to us, because we have already done a lot for him.

We are not just a company, we have a history of relationships, and it costs a lot. Especially in a world where almost no one spends time building trust, humanity, and friendship. Usually, the customer is forgotten at the moment when he paid for the goods. The only manifestation of attention is news with promotions and sales.


People don't care who to buy from. We want to always be close to the leaders.

Thanks to the letters you can clearly and reasonably create for yourself the image of an expert in your field. Transmitting their experience, global innovations, industry research, etc.

Of course, in advertising, we note that they are leaders in the industry. But the value of this phrase is real, NOT when WE talk about it, but when the CLIENT himself made such a conclusion based on what he receives from us. This is extremely important in the field of services and consulting.


Increase the list of subscribers

If you want to build a successful email marketing campaign, it will be useless without a quality subscriber base. Organically expand your audience. For example, you can create a landing page, create content for visitors to leave an email address, distribute, and more. Believe me, these are super powerful ways to get the email address of your visitors.

Personalize your email marketing campaign

Personalization is the future, and it is actively used today. If you haven't used personalization yet, now is the time to do so. Set up your CTA, links, email, send current offers, send emails at a convenient time. You will notice that the audience interacts much more often with such mailings.

Segments your emails

Analyze your business. What is your audience? Most likely, these are different people with different tastes and needs. So do not send everyone the same informational email. Try segmented email marketing. Constantly segments the audience by categories. This will help you provide them with only relevant content.
For example, why send someone an offer to buy a laptop if they bought it from you last week?

Quality is more important than quantity

Here we want to talk about the fact that the main problem of your email marketing campaign is frequent mailings. If you have nothing to write an e-mail about, you don't need to write it at all. Try to send an informational email once or twice a month, but do it well and interestingly. Your success does not depend on the number of messages sent.
Also, if you frequently run an email advertising campaign, your messages may be spammed.

Focus on designing an email marketing campaign

The design of your email can both convey an idea and distract you from it. Don't get carried away by overly bright designs. Make email simple, easy to navigate. Ideally, you should design and use a single style for all your mailings. Remember that your main goal is to use words.

Add a call to action

One of the main tips for e-marketing is to use the call to action correctly. Do you write and send messages in order to sell something? The call to action directs visitors wherever you want. Be careful when formulating calls for action.

Formulate a compelling topic for the letter

The subject line of your email is a hook that your customers can get on. The subject line is what users will see, whether they open the email or not. Consider it in detail. The topic should be short but interesting.
It's like wrapping paper - the recipient must want to open it as soon as possible.

Make emails easy to view on mobile devices

Today, most traffic is generated from mobile devices, and this figure is projected to grow in the future. Think about the design and text of messages so that they can be easily viewed on your mobile.

Test, test, test

Before sending any message to subscribers, make sure it is displayed the way you want. Problems often occur with links, incorrect display of designs, or poor display on various devices.
Alternatively, you can pre-send the message to a colleague's inbox and see how it will be displayed. This will help you change the email without compromising your business.

Track your data

Running an email marketing campaign will not help if you do not track the information you receive, such as:

  • percentage of opening
  • how many email addresses could not be delivered to the email
  • what time of day do your messages open
  • What days of the week do people read your letters?
    and more.

All this data will allow you to create a successful email marketing campaign.


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