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This article compares three largest email delivery services in Email Industry; Sendgrid, SMTP2GO and Pepipost. I have tried to measure these email services on attributes such as Email Deliverability, Pricing, Inboxing Reputation etc., thus helping you select the best Email Delivery Service to catalyse extraordinary growth of your business in the year 2020!

Choosing an email service provider isn’t as easy as it seems!

You see that feature and then you see that and then Nah!

There are lot of options out there, offering almost similar features, and so setting your mind on one becomes super tough and makes situation complicated. Phew!

Email marketing is definitely a high ROI channel, but what most businesses fail to understand is that it works only when your email reach its right place and that place is "your customer's inbox".

Therefore, I thought of comparing three renowned SMTP service providers- SendGrid, SMTP2GO and Pepipost, for you. If it is going to be your first email service provider or you are not satisfied with your existing one and thinking to switch, then this article will help you choose the right service for your business. 

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Let's think again! Shall we?


Let's talk about SendGrid!

It is a cloud-based service that assists businesses, marketers and developers with good delivery of both transactional and marketing emails. It is one of the most popular services that manage various types of emails, along with ISP monitoring, open rate reporting and link tracking. 


  1. Integrated with SMS, Voice and Push notification.
  2. Drag and drop editor
  3. Real-time, customizable analytics
  4. API, Webhook and SMTP integration
  5. Dynamic templates and testing

So Who’s Using Sendgrid?

  1. Uber
  2. Pandora
  3. Foursquare
  4. Twilio
  5. Spotify

SendGrid’s Pricing Plan

SendGrid’s email API plan lets you integrate email into your website or apps. To test the services you can try its free plan which lets you send 40,000 emails in a month, after which you can send 100 emails per day.

If you will upgrade to the premier plan then you will be able to access all the advanced features. So choose wisely.

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SMTP2GO is a fast and reliable email service provider which is used by marketers, travellers, and developers. They have redundant, multi-data centre infrastructure means emails will still be sent even during a major internet outage. It's the oldest in the email industry among the three but have not been much popular email delivery service.


  1. Robust Testing
  2. Visual reports of sent mails as well as spam emails
  3. Real-time notifications
  4. Maintains DKIM and SPF records

So Who’s using SMTP2GO?

  1. HP
  2. GlaxoSmithKline
  3. Virgin Active
  4. Melo Tel 
  5. Capterra 

SMTP2GO’s Pricing Plan

SMTP2GO offers a lifetime free plan in which you can send 1000 emails per month. Apart from this, it hosts four different plans which offer different email volume and features depending on its pricing.


Pepipost is the fastest and most reliable service. By sending 8 billion emails/ month, it truly has lightning-fast email deliverability,  and above all of these, it is the most cost-effective email service provider which is suitable for business of all size. The engine runs on Artificial Intelligence and therefore it provides easy access to sending bulk emails for your business.

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  1. Easy integrations facilities
  2. Higher Inbox placement rates
  3. 24/7  live chat support
  4. VAPT email security
  5. Real-time email delivery report  

So Who’s Using Pepipost?

  1. Ola
  3. Clear Trip
  4. Swiggy
  5. Seek Asia
  6. Tokopedia

Pepipost’s Pricing Plan

There is a free trial version that lets you send 30,000 emails for a month and then 100 emails/ day thereafter for free. The Plan starts from 25$/month.

Let's compare Pepipost's pricing with Sendgrid first...

and then with SMTP2GO...

How To Choose your next Email Sending Service between Sendgrid, SMTP2GO and Pepipost?

Here are a few attributes that makes the decision to choose the right email service provider easier. Let’s compare the three on those factors.


No doubt! Cost play a major determining factor to choose any service, especially when you are running a small enterprise. The free tier plans are usually for a limited time period after which, either the email volume decreases or you have to upgrade to a paid plan. 

If we compare the three services, (you must have seen above also) Pepipost offers the most value for your money!

Ease of Use

Pepipost provides easy integration guides on the website, also if you are already using an email service provider and want to switch to a new one, then Pepipost offers easy switching guides from many email service provider, thus making your task pretty simple thereafter.

On the other hand SMTP2GO and SendGrid also provide integration with SMTP and API servers but the onboarding could be tough task as the documentation, guides etc might not be readily available.

Pepipost makes things easier for you!

Do read Email Best Practices – Getting Started with Pepipost


Every day across the Internet about 14 billion spam emails are sent. And amidst such high frequency, you wouldn’t want your email to land in the spam folder. Different marketing email services should aim for optimized delivery and decreased bounce rates. Pepipost makes use of Artificial intelligence to understand customer behaviour by capturing and analyzing minute signals coming from ESPs, so that you can send bulk emails and cater to larger audience.

Initial Setup and Testing

Pepipost lets you take a quick test before you setup your account with the service. While for testing SMTP2GO and SendGrid, complete setup is required. 

 With Pepipost:

  1. Signup
  2. Send a test email and see tracking information LIVE
  3. Setup the account if you loved what you saw.

With SMTP2GO and SendGrid:

  1. Signup.
  2. Setup everything before knowing if they can offer what you need.
  3. If you don’t like it, you just wasted lot of time setting things up for no reason.

Help and Support

Pepipost offers quick chat support. Even SMTP2GO replies instantly to the queries of its clients. 

However one of the plus points of using Pepipost is that it offers chat support with its free tier plan as well. It is kind of a deal breaker for selecting Pepipost over SendGrid and SMTP2GO.   

Bottom Line

SendGrid, SMTP2GO and Pepipost are powerful and reliable email delivery services that offers really good features for a robust email delivery experience. Their different plans are designed keeping small and enterprise level of businesses in mind. 

However if we talk about high inbox placement rate and customer support at an affordable price, then Pepipost definitely outshine the others!

Wrapping Up

All thing considered, confusion is bound to happen with so many email delivery systems available in the market. But as email marketing is a great way to get good revenue returns, it is important that you select the right service for your business. I hope that this read is fruitful to you!

So what is your pick for 2020? Do let us know. 

Till then hustle harder!


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