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If you are reading this, you must have a few questions regarding the price hikes by your email service provider (Sparkpost) as this hike can impact your business. Especially if your email volumes are in millions and more. The more time you lose searching an alternative to Sparkpost, the more your business will lose.

Pricing strategy is one of the most important aspects of a business and it is no secret that it plays a crucial role in the success of every business. But not every price you set needs to maximize just your margins, it should be beneficial to your customers too. Many SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses, however, do not want to follow the customer benefit approach when it comes to pricing. And Sparkpost and email service provider made this mistake too.

Sparkpost has been getting a lot of attention or shall we say criticism due to its recent price hike. Let us discuss why this price surge isn’t right keeping in view the historical Sparkpost pricing data and why you should start exploring alternatives.

Historical Sparkpost Pricing Fluctuations

The email service market is intensely competitive and in a competitive market, you have to pay attention to a lot of things while deciding the price. In a competitive market unarguably the most important driver of a company's good health is customer satisfaction and retention. And, a pricing strategy that forgets to take that into consideration can have a negative impact on your bottom line as your existing customers will trade down, hurting profits.

Here's what it meant - let's take a look at a recent tweet from an existing Sparkpost customer.

Find below the complete conversation of sparkpost price increase update and where it all started.



Raising prices is not always wrong as prices cannot remain stagnant forever.  But your price doesn't have to spell disaster.  In Sparkpost's case, the customers are essentially paying only for emails to land in the inbox. So, it's not value-based pricing. Moreover, the customers are left with no choice but to upgrade the plan. This will put a great financial strain on them. With an email volume of 1 million+, some businesses might face an immediate budget predicament.

This doesn't end here, this comes with other reports of slow email delivery. Have a look at the tweet by one of the customers.

This is just one of the many tweets and other reviews. The reviews reflect the trend that most ESPs are just focusing on maximizing their profits instead of providing value to the customers. They are not paying the required attention to the email infrastructure. It remains immature to the growing email volumes. And the bottom line is poor inboxing still remains a constraining factor to the best in class email delivery experience. Let us get a more detailed overview of this rising price trend and why you should start exploring Sparkpost’s alternatives.

Considering the disastrous impact it made on the customers and how it bruised Sparkpost's in the process, 1 million+ email volume plans have been corrected. But that doesn't mean that their pricing is right. In fact, back in2015, Sparkpost pricing was $574.95 for a million emails and that was a bit too high for the time and nowhere closer to fair market value. As long as your pricing is value-based it's okay to charge higher than the market. But in Sparkpost's pricing that wasn't the case. In fact, there is no justification for their earlier pricing too as they were offering only limited features.

Why Should you Switch from Sparkpost to Pepipost for Email Marketing?

Pepipost's mission is to make email delivery super affordable for every business. All our plans have been moderately priced keeping that in mind. But you don't have to take our word for it. Refer to our pricing below and a quick glance at our pricing will be enough to know that Pepipost is one of the most affordable email delivery service out there. By using Pepipost not only will you save a lot of money but your emails will get delivered at lightning speed.

However, the benefits don’t ends there - we have a much higher Inbox Placement Rate than any other email service provider including Sparkpost. We offers a 93% Inbox Placement Rate which is a record rate for email delivery. Also, our pricing is simple and transparent with no hidden costs. With Pepipost one can improve their Inbox placement rate and save up to 50% of their email sending cost. All the features are included in this price with no extra charges.

We are not just the most affordable email service provider in the market, but we are trustworthy too. More than 20,000+ customers trust Pepipost to send 8 billion emails every month. Check out what our customers have to say at G2 Crowd and Trustpilot.


  Get Free Pepipost Account

It is not just about pricing, it is about the performance and fulfilling customers’ expectations too. Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels that can give businesses an ROI of up to 4,300% that's why most businesses depend on this channel to generate high revenue. And we know that most businesses send a significant volume of email, our email service is capable of sending millions of emails at a time. Our deliverability experts continuously work to improve your email delivery rates and our 24/7 customer support team is always there to provide you the guidance you need, when you need it.

Pepipost has everything you need to excel when it comes to email delivery. Here’s why it is the best Sparkpost alternative:

1. 24/7 Customer Support.

Our issue resolution time has been less than 10 minutes and we are on our toes to assist our customers immediately on every channel.


2. Globally present SMTP and API servers

Pepipost is a cloud-based email delivery service known for its infrastructure. We have deployed our SMTP & API servers globally at multiple locations. We can serve your email sending requests from the nearest location to reduce network latency.

3. Easy to migrate from any ESP to Pepipost

We know switching ESP's isn't easy - to make it easier for you we have created migration guides. So, no matter which ESP you are currently using we have a guide for you that would give you a quick walkthrough to make your transition easier and smoother. Also, our customer support team will assist you in the process.  For instance we have a Sendgrid compatible API to take care of customers migrating from Sendgrid to Pepipost.

If you are a Sendgrid customer, you might want to look into Sendgrid Pricing Surge.

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4. Email Health Report

We all know that email marketing works but only if your messages lands in the inbox, making deliverability a crucial factor to get ROI from this channel. Our Email Health Report will give you a vivid picture of your email delivery health. We check your inboxing rate, domain, and IP reputation, and many more aspects like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to make sure you are properly set before you send emails. Our vision of building a community of good email sender starts with a lot of care. We let you take the baby steps to successful email delivery.

Check your Email Health Now!

We are confident that you will soon leverage Pepipost's Email Delivery Service to takes the guesswork out of your deliverability. And that too without making a hole in your pocket like our 20,000+ customers.

Stop Overpaying: Try Pepipost for Free

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