Here’s what you need for startup success in 2017

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2016 was a year of contrasts for the startup ecosystem. On one hand, we saw the euphoria of venture funding settle down and the pullback causing many startups to fizzle out. It wasn’t only the young blooming ones that had to bite the dust; even the brightest so-called unicorns weren’t spared. While the year did seem to spell trouble for the startup ecosystem (not a single e-commerce company went public on a U.S. stock exchange in 2016), it also witnessed the birth of new sectors and exciting possibilities. From drones in healthcare to robots for teaching kids, we saw an impressive list of startups emerging in 2016.

2017 for Startups

Analysts believe that 2017 will be better than the previous year. Well, that’s some good news. We are optimistic it's boom time again for startups. But at the same time, a little preparedness and good advice goes a long way for startups.

Here’s how you can make most of 2017

As a startup ourselves, we realize the importance of sound advice at critical times. The Web Summit at Lisbon provided us the perfect opportunity to gain valuable learnings from leaders in the space. Present at the event were 53,056 tech CEOs, founders, startups, investors and political leaders from across the world. We interviewed influencers and thought leaders with solid experience in their field to pass their wisdom forward and help us learn from their experiences. The result is this ebook ‘Do better in 2017: Startup Guide”.

The ebook covers a lot of aspects such as -

Business learnings -

“Building the right partnerships is the key thing startups must do to run a successful offshore business” Brian Breslin, Project Executive At IDA Ireland

“Earlier the focus was on GMV, number of visitors and app downloads. But now Investors and companies are focusing more on actual business that means - actual revenue and profitability” - Anshuman Mihir, Founder & CEO MyTaxiIndia

Startup mistakes -

“Looking for funding as opposed to looking for paying customers” - Simon Berger, Founder Of IM2 Group

“Getting too caught up in their own ego and lose perspective on themselves and the company” - Dave Williams, Founder & CEO At eBallers

Startup Confessions -

“At the moment we have invested almost all our time and resources in our upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in January. If our intuition is wrong, we would have to work hard to come up with a plan B in a very short time.” - Tommy Otzen, CEO & Co-founder Of KUBO Robot

This was just a glimpse at what we covered in the ebook. There’s a lot more interesting and insightful stuff that’ll help you do better in 2017. Check it out yourself:


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