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Almost all e-commerce players send out a Confirmation E-mails as soon as an order is placed on their website. Most likely, there would be a link in the confirmation email, where the user can track the status of their shipment. The end user has to click on the link and might have to login (if not, already) to the portal to check the status of shipment.

So, what if there is a way to cut down this multi-step process for shipment tracking - and include it right in the order confirmation email? What if the end user can track the status of his shipment just by opening the order confirmation email? Also, what if you can showcase new and related products every time the user opens the email?

We have built a prototype around this concept.

Within the order confirmation email, we included tick marks which give the user an idea about the status of shipment - These tick marks dynamically get updated every time the user opens the mail.

All your end user has to do is to check the confirmation email of order to know the status of shipment. Sample screenshots below.

Pepipost - Triggered email communication

The same email tells me the status of my shipment every time I open it.

This is just one use case of the dynamic images - What if you can serve related products within the order confirmation email - which changes every time the user checks the status of shipment.

Example: If the user buys a Jeans on your e-commerce portal, would it make sense to show him matching T-shirts or shirts on the order confirmation/tracking email.

Assuming an average user checks the status of order twice (that's me) before his/her shipment delivers, the e-com portal could effectively show me two different products within the same email with high probability of turning into an order. More on that later.

Psst: Our triggerware does all of this for you. Talk to us if you want to give more information to your user and stay ahead of other e-commerce portals. Just shoot us mail at

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