How our Startup produced 10 blogs in just 3 hours and why you should do too?

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“Most startups read but very few write.”

I was having lunch with my startup buddies over the weekend when the realization struck me. It was one of those regular weekly meetups. One lunch table. 5 very different guys from different backgrounds sharing their startup stories. Each one of us was living our startup dream. In theory, it all seems wonderful. You are your own boss. You work to live your passion. You choose to create your own path. And yet the road ahead seems dark and deep.

For your groundbreaking business idea to kick off, you need visibility. Just imagine. Every second there are more than 3 businesses created. It is a complex world and getting traffic to your website seems like a herculean task. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to get attention to your startup. From credibility to visibility, blogging might just be the answer for startups.

Blogging does much more than visibility

We all agree that reading may take you away from work sometimes but it brings you closer to your goals. It helps shape how you think about running a business. What most of us don’t realize is that like reading, blogging too is super beneficial. It encourages you to become a good thinker.

Blogging can help in getting your first wave of customers

Some entrepreneurs consider blogging a waste of time. But it can very well get you your first wave of customers & the bonus is when a news site picks your blog because they found it interesting.

The stumbling blocks

If you’re a lean startup & most of them are, then you will not look at hiring army of content writers; even though you believe in writing blogs, you can’t pursue it due to lack of right people in place. You might have many new ideas and knowledge but you miss sharing that in form of content or blog with others.

We faced the same issue and we kept contemplating on how many content writers, journalists or specialists one can hire. We tried outsourcing but it was a time consuming effort and the end result wasn’t exactly what we wanted. Like everywhere, time is money too.

We wanted things fast

After muddling up with an outsourced blogger I realized this is really not going to scale up with the quality we wanted. An idea which I had from sometime was,

What if everyone in the team had a hand in writing? But obviously this was too ideal a scenario. But then again, what if we all got together and at least wrote what we know?

In a flash mob, everything around them just stops.

A thought spurred in me – what if the entire team at Pepipost halts everything we are doing and just writes? Everyone in the team gets to write – no matter who you are in the team. The idea seemed promising and I coined it as “Blog Jamming”. I immediately emailed everyone that we will have Blog Jamming on that Friday.

startups blog jamming

Pepipost has very passionate developers and their knowledge is unquestionably good. I often call them tech terminators. I was sure if everyone around you is writing a blog, you’ll be motivated to try your hand at it too if you haven’t already.

To address some fundamental fears we agreed upon 3 elements.

  1. There are enough topics available & you get to choose what you want to write on
  2. Grammatical errors & keyword stuffing can be ignored. The first can be corrected by our content guys and the second – we don’t believe in it
  3. Everyone for the next 3 hours will write unless we were pinged on support chats

We have one senior content specialist who is amazing at editing average content into a great blog, making it possible to curate 10 raw blogs without writing 10 new blogs.

What came out from the session was interesting; we came up with 12 raw blogs – 10 of them could be used and all were really different from each other while addressing same industry. Our tech "terminator" wrote some exciting blogs like “How email works – Behind the scenes from Developers Perspective”, “What is SMTP” and these became our highest viewed blogs on our blog library. Their views were 200% more than our regular blogs.

Exploring oneself through blogging, and having fun along the way

Blog Jamming was successful & team was surprised at their own talent; some were writing their first blog and were excited, some wrote extremely well and gave a fresh perspective to the topic. Blogging became a journey to explore oneself.

We cherished the fun moments too. Who finished first, who wrote the maximum words, disturbing others when you can’t think of writing any further, coining our own words and then realizing no one has ever hear them, lol!  We enjoyed it a lot.

You must try Blog Jamming too

I think something like this is worth an experiment at every organization. Blog jamming gets the teams closer, lets you see a whole new side of people around you and also gives you a chance to explore the blogger, thinker or story teller in you too. Try blog jamming and mark my words, you won’t be disappointed 🙂 Good luck!

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