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It's the most crucial quarter of the year - the 4th fiscal. That time of year when your business will begin to set bigger goals that’ll lead to stellar growth. And to achieve this, you’ll be chalking out your financial plans. Where all to invest – technology, infrastructure, hiring, marketing..

Marketing, ahem!

Marketing costs money. A lot actually. Marketing with limited budget (as is the case with most of us struggling entrepreneurs and non-funded startups) can be tough.

And it gets worse.

You need to keep your head above water and survive with the big giants in the industry. Not just that, out there are also companies backed by angel investors pumping millions of money who are working out ridiculously expensive marketing campaigns.

The harsh truth is, few businesses have the luxury of trying a lot of tactics. So here you are - You don’t have a huge budget but are looking at maximizing the returns.

We might just have something for you: Pepipost's 100 Million idea

Send a whopping 100 million transactional and triggered emails for free (that's a cool $20,000 worth of savings)

Not sure if the offer is for you?

Follow me through this small activity to evaluate if you should take this up.

A. You are an online company and invest a good portion of your budgets on digital marketing

B. Look closely and you’ll find that email is among the top marketing channels that’s given you the highest ROI.

C. Look further more and you’ll notice that over 75% of your email revenue is generated by triggered transactional emails rather than those one size fits all marketing campaigns which you send out to millions of your subscribers.

If your answer has been mostly Yes, what are you waiting for?

You just don’t need to allocate any budget for this. That’s one less thing to worry about.

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