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Last updated : 26-05-2016

Easy Joomla and Pepipost SMTP Integration.

Our easy directions will help you with your Joomla and Pepipost Integration. This method is also a good way to resolve the “could not instantiate mail function error” that’s common with the PHP mail function used to send emails. Be sure to test your site and make sure emails are being sent properly.

The best way to send emails using Pepipost from your Joomla site is to configure the SMTP settings in the Global Configurations area. If you have set it up correctly, you will have reliable email functionality for your Joomla site.

You may want to confirm that you have the most recent version of Joomla. Some previous versions contained issues with SMTP integration.

Step 1
To have Joomla relay email through Pepipost, go to your Joomla installation, Site > Global Configuration

Step 2
Enter the following details:
SMTP USER: your_pepipost_username
SMTP PASS: your_pepipost_password

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