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Let’s Start From Scratch...

Mailbox providers won’t keep you in the spam folder forever so you get to start over. As we begin improving your IP and domain reputation by sending good emails, you start moving out of the spam folder.

So what’s the first step?

The most important is to switch to a bulk email service provider who takes special care of their IP reputation so you’re starting fresh on completely new servers.


Creating an Email Framework That’s Built For You...

Once the first step is taken care of, we work with you to create an email framework. As your emails improve and start exceeding current industry standards, they start moving out of the spam folders, and right into the inboxes.

We monitor and ensure that your emails fit within the framework so you can achieve higher inboxing rates with each campaign.

Go Slow and Stay Consistent

Email providers like to see consistency in your email sending habits. Each good email that you send, counts towards improving your sending reputation. And as your reputation reaches the minimum expected by the receiver, your emails will start showing up in their inboxes. Our dashboard makes it very easy for you to go slow and stay consistent with the daily email sending milestones.

Our dashboard automatically sets maximum daily sending limits for you,  to warm up your domain and IP. Once you reach the daily limit, your daily limit increases


Now, it’s your time to take control...

We know for certain that emails are the best customer engagement tools out there and letting them go, is like leaving money on the table. So until you take the first steps for moving out of the blacklist, there’s no way to know how much money you’re letting go.

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Why customers chose Pepipost ?

The best solution for transactional emails! Couldn't be happier with the service. We use Pepipost for sending transactional emails and have consistently received great delivery rates at affordable prices.

Alexander JosephHead of Copy, PaperclipDigitalvia Trustvpilot

A great product. Pricing is very competitive. Compare to MailChimp, this product is cheaper. It provides WebHook capability, which is really beneficial.

Thang PhamDirector, Samsung Vina Electronicvia Trustpilot

Pepipost is better than Mailchimp and others we tried. The delivery rate with Pepipost is higher than any other 3rd party email senders we tried.

Adam WCEO, Jade Bloom INC.via g2crowd

Impressive service in all aspects. The best support service, fast and all problems solved. They guarantee delivery and make easy the integration between our services and their APIs.

Luiz Fernando MIT Director, WGL Business Solutionsvia G2

One of the best SMTP relay services I have ever used. Pepipost support is quick and great!

Jason MarzettiRemote Operations Centre Manager,F12.netvia Capterra

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