Black Hat Senders in Email


Black Hat Sender is a sender or a business that sends emails out without specific permission of the recipient to send such emails. It is basically sending unsolicited emails to recipients especially if the recipient has not shared their email Id with the sender.

If a sender/business has the email address of the recipient and sends an excessive amount of emails regularly, it may still be noted as ‘spam’. This may be unintentional Black Hat email sending. Such senders will be identified by the recipient’s Internet Service Provider and send their emails to Spam or block the emails altogether. You can check if your sending IP/domain has fallen into any of the 100+ blocklist databases  using our email blacklist checker.

Black Hat Senders emails may have a low open rate or click rate, since they may be perceived as unimportant emails by the recipient. It may be better to find a different approach to send emails to recipients.

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