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Bulk emails is a method of mass communication wherein emails are sent to a large group of recipients all at once. It is typically used for advertising or marketing. It implies sending automated emails to the group of addresses. You can send them content relevant to their business or interests. Bulk email service allows you to send mails to any list, regardless of its size.

However, Bulk emails are often considered to be spam. Hence, there are certain requirements one must follow while preparing bulk email.

  1. Subscription must be confirmed with an opt-in option, so that agree to receive your bulk emails.
  2. The unsubscription procedure must be simple and must be included in every mailing list.
  3. The agreement of your users to receive emails from you must be kept as evidence in the case of any complaints.
  4. Your list of subscribers should not be shared with others or should not be used for sending any other mails that your users have not subscribed to.

Bulk Email can be a great way to send emails to your subscribers. So keep the points above in mind to avoid your mails from landing in your recipients spam folder.

Note: To improve your inboxing rate, make sure your sending IP or domain is not listed in any email blacklist. Check your blacklist status here.

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