Reputation Monitoring


Email reputation is a score that is measured by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It measures your email sending practices and it checks if you follow the standards established by the ISPs. The IP reputation score will be anything from 0% to 100% which can change depending on the number of bounce, spam or block rate.

Here’s what ISPs look out for while calculating your reputation score:

  • Number of spam complaints
  • If you have a consistent mailing volume
  • How many invalid emails you have sent out
  • Bounce rate

Hence, it is important to monitor your score on a daily basis to keep your reputation in check.

A reputation monitor:

  • Provides you with a detailed report of your IP address in terms of email deliverability
  • Looks at factors that affect your email deliverability
  • Runs a scan of your IP address and notifies you of any immediate fixes, changes or issue that need to be made

Note: Keep a regular check to ensure your IP/domain doesn't become a part of any blacklist database. You can use our free email blacklist checker tool.

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