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Spam refers to the emails that are not wanted by the receiver. They might be sent by the sender for business promotions or other reasons, but for the receiver, they are unwanted emails. The spam filter is a software that is used to find out whether an email is a spam or not. They function before an email is supposed to reach the receiver’s inbox.

How does Spam filter work?

Spam filter begins its work when an email is about to reach the inbox. It looks out for certain words in the content that are often used in spam emails. It even tracks the sender and checks if the sender has already been marked for sending spam emails by a large number of users. After performing all these checks, it then identifies an email as spam.

What a spam filter does?

Once an email is identified as spam, a spam filter takes control of the email. It does not let the email reach the inbox of the receiver. It diverts the email into the spam box so that the receiver is not bothered with a new email.

Benefits of spam filter:

There are many benefits of having a spam filter on your email server. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. It does not increase the count of unnecessary spam emails in the inbox. This will prevent them from getting notifications about the emails that are not useful to them.
  2. It saves up space in your email box because most of the spam filters work on auto-cleaning mode. After a few days, your spam box is automatically cleaned even if you do not check the emails.
  3. The filters save you from falling into the traps of the emails that are meant to steal your personal information. There are many malicious email senders that draft mails so well that you cannot find out anything suspicious in them. However, the spam filter can identify them as spam email by checking the details about the sender and protect you.

Spam filters have made the process of receiving emails better. Emails are more effective now and you can easily find out which email is good for you and which email is not good for you. For the sender, it is necessary to know which emails will be regarded as spam by the spam filter. This will help you in avoiding those mistakes from your emails otherwise your email will be regarded as spam.

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