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Spam reports refer to the reports that are generated automatically when your email has been reported as spam by a receiver. These are reports that are triggered by the action of users. In simple terms, it is just a process of marking an email in your inbox as spam and telling your server that there’s an unwanted email from your end.

How does spam report work?

Spam reports track the sender of each email. Once you mark an email as spam, the sender is automatically listed with your Spam reporter and email server. The Spam report that is generated helps in updating the spam filter list. This ensures that you do not receive any further emails from that sender. Also, the email server gets updated with the new email sender reported as spam. This is also used to mark the same email as spam if many customers report it.

Not just emails but even messages, profiles and calls can be reported as spam. Messages include SMS on your phone and even messages on social media platforms. This helps in making your experience better by avoiding unwanted messages, emails, and calls.

Reporting an email as spam

Spam reporting can be done in various ways. The easiest way, is to select all unwanted emails that you find useless and mark them as spam. A report will automatically be generated and forwarded further.

The second method is longer but is considered to be more effective. You can copy all email sources which you want to report as spam. This copied text can then be pasted in a report that you have manually generated. This generated report is sent to the email ID given in the support system.

Why is spam reporting useful?

Spam reporting is very useful for the email system. Its various benefits include:

  1. Improving the overall experience of the mailing system by reducing the number of useless emails being received.
  2. It is an easy way to block a sender who keeps bothering you by sending emails.

It is an effective feature for the receivers. However, the sender of the emails must be careful about the same. They must take effective steps so that their emails are not reported as spam. Following the latest trends and sending only necessary emails can help in avoiding spam reports and ensure the proper growth of a business.

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