What are Transactional Email Templates?


Transactional email templates are pre-made email layouts that designers, marketers, and developers can use while creating a transactional email campaign. It saves time and one can start an email campaign quickly.

A transactional email template saves you from adding data again and again since it already contains the data you used the previous time and in case the content needs to be modified, the template allows you to do that via HTML. Different templates can be created or edited for different purposes.

There are several benefits of using an email template

  1. It lets you create an email campaign much quicker since the underlying code is already written
  2. You won’t have to worry about mistakes with formatting and all your emails will look the same and be in sync
  3. It saves you the time of rewriting the entire email and instead lets you add or change images, links, etc. to an existing one
  4. A designer can easily design a template without using complex codes and can be integrated into applications using a RESTful API

Commonly used transactional templates

  1. Password resets
  2. Welcome emails
  3. Email confirmation
  4. Receipt and invoice emails
  5. Digests

For more email templates go to our website.

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