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Most businesses use two types of emails- marketing emails and transactional emails. From a consumer perspective, the two types of emails differ on the basis of content. However, marketing email and transactional emails also differ on the basis of the way they are sent.

Transactional Emails

Transactional email are also called triggered email. Such emails are automatically sent on basis of user actions on a website e.g. purchase of products or lead signup or subscription to a newsletter. SMTP relay or APIs are normally used to send a transactional emails.

Here are some examples of transactional emails

  1. Updates about online shopping- Emails regarding the order shipment & delivery, purchase receipts
  2. Social media notifications- New message received or pending notification count.
  3. Account information- Changes in the basic account information - password change, login from unrecognised device etc.

Marketing Emails

Marketing emails differ from transactional emails in terms of the content. These are usually promotional emails or product announcements. You can take the help of SMTP platform or Web API for sending such emails.

Here are some examples of marketing emails:

  1. A weekly / monthly newsletter
  2. Promotional emails announcing sale / discounts
  3. Product / New feature announcement
  4. Send to a friend / Referral email: Email campaigns where customers can invite their friends an family to subscribe to a newsletter or participate in a event.
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