A Record or address record links your dedicated IP address to your chosen domain or subdomain. It is the link between your websites name and the IP address of the machine your files are on. A Records are the simplest type of DNS records, yet one of the primary records used in DNS servers.

The A in the A record stand for the address. So whenever you visit any website, send an email, or do anything on the internet, the address you enter is a series of words separated with dots. DNS records are used as a means to control the location of the recourse on the internet.

For eg: when you access Google’s website , you enter “”. In google’s server there will be an A record that points to the IP address “”. So everytime you type it will directed to the server with the IP address

You can even add and host multiple A Records on the same domain. So, multiple names could point to the same address, in which each would would have its own A record pointing to that same IP address. All ‘A’ records only hold Ipv4 addresses.

Example of the format of an A Record:

Host Value TTL
@ 14400
ftp 14400

Here “@” is, which indicates that this is a record for the root domain , being the sub domain and “14400” value is the TTL ( Time To Live), listen in seconds. These records point traffic from both websites to the same IP address. The default TTL for A Records is 14400 seconds. So if an A Record gets updated, it takes 240 minutes (14400 seconds) to take effect.

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