Dedicated IP


A dedicated IP is a unique internet address dedicated to a particular hosting account. A dedicated IP is an IP which is used only by a single user or account to send emails and no other user will be able to send out emails from this address. Only that user’s email is sent from that IP, so the volume of email sent from that IP and the reputation of the IP is determined only by the email sent by that user.

Only business hosting accounts are eligible for dedicated IP addresses. A dedicated IP acts as an identity for your business.

Benefits of a dedicated IP address :

  • It ensures faster response during high traffic, by maintaining and increasing site loading speed
  • Lets you view your website via its IP address
  • It grants access to your website any time you need
  • Enhances your reputation and email deliverability
  • Protection from other site activities
  • Boosts search engine rankings as google gives more importance to websites with dedicated IP addresses

So, If you send out a high volume of emails regularly and use a third party application/script then you most definitely need a Dedicated IP address.

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