IP Address


An IP Address (internet protocol address) is a unique identification number which identifies a device that’s connected to the internet or local network. The number consists of four groups between 0 and 225 which are separated by with by dots to make it readable.

This is what a typical IP Address looks like:

On the other hand, an IP Address allows devices to send and receive data over a network and makes it possible for two different devices to recognize each other.

Types of IP Address:

  1. Static IP Address

    A static IP Address will never change. They usually stay the same but can be changed due to network administration. These IP Addresses are provided by ISPs and serve as a constant internet address that imparts a reliable way for communication. A static IP Address can give you details like, where that particular device is located- country, region, city etc.

  2. Dynamic IP Address

    A Dynamic IP Address is a temporary address and can change anytime. These IP Address are allocated to a device each time they are connected to the internet. They are generally borrowed from a pool of IP address that is shared by multiple websites. ISPs set a side few of their allotted address to be shared since there are a limited number of static IP Address available.

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