SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)


While sending an email as an end user might be a simple affair, the inner workings that go into the transaction of emails is far from it. For end users, it is as easy as composing an email, adding attachments and sending it. The email will be received by the receiver within a few seconds. However, there is a long process involved between all of this. Sending an email is governed by SMTP.

What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a set of rules, instructions and guidelines that every mail has to follow in order to go from the sender’s end to the receiver’s end. Without following the SMTP, an email cannot be sent.

How does SMTP work?

Emails are not sent over the internet as you type and compose it. The moment you hit the send button, it is converted into a series of string characters as plain text. This string is a code that is sent to the SMTP server for sending it further. The server then picks out the receiving end of the mail and forwards it so that the email can be sent in the right direction. At the receiving end, the SMTP server directs the inbox to download that series of string code. Once it is downloaded, it is converted back to the format it was initially sent in. The mail can then be read by the receiver.

The importance of SMTP

SMTP is important because it is the backbone of the entire process of sending and receiving an email. Following these sets of instructions and guidelines is the only way an email can be sent from one end to the other.

For users, sending an email is an easy process because it does not involve many complications with the SMTP. However, if you are a large organization that is required to send emails to thousands of recipients at the same time, using ordinary SMTP will not be a good option. You can take the help of SMTP Relay Service to send bulk emails faster and in a much efficient manner. It allows you to add multiple recipients automatically and sends the emails quickly without causing too much burden on the regular SMTP server.

Understanding SMTP requires certain skills. It is easy but time consuming. You can take the help of a technician or search the internet. You will surely find answers to the queries you face while sending an email. Take note that an email can only be sent successfully with the help of SMTP.

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