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At Pepipost, we power thousands of senders, each of them sending millions of emails every day. These emails are usually of two types - Transactional and Marketing.

Transactional Emails (Signup Confirmations, Order Receipts etc) need speed. Marketing Emails (Newsletters, Informational Emails) are optimized for inbox delivery. Success metrics for each one are different.

We use settings like the number of parallel connections to be opened per sender, the speed with which emails are to be delivered, and the prioritization of certain emails to achieve best possible outcomes. This decision making process is central to our business. As one of the large senders, we’re sitting on mountain of data to optimize our decisions.

We’ve harnessed this data using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to maximize efficiency.

Predictive Engagement

The predictive engagement feature allows high engagers from the sender’s mailing list to deliver their emails on priority. It predicts which user will engage with the brand and prioritize sending to them using our in-house algorithms. The less engaged users are sent the emails later according to priority. 

Due to the high open rate incurred early on, the deliverability of these emails is also high and ISPs in-turn allow the less active users to also deliver to inbox. This increases brand engagement and deliverability.

Send Time Optimization

STO knows the best time a user is going to access their mailbox.

STO analyzes the data fed into the AI-powered engine for the time of the day when a particular user is most likely to check their mailbox. So the next time a campaign is sent by the same sender, it will analyze the open timings for the particular users in the mailing list, and deliver them the campaign at the exact times they check their emails.

This means that a majority of the users will open their mailbox to see your brand email on the top of their checklist and thus your campaign will get more eyeballs than it would have been if sent all at the same time. 

Inbox delivery will be particularly increased due to STO as mailbox providers see engagement from the users as a positive sign and thus filter the future emails from the brand into the inbox for their users.

Adaptive Throughput

The rate of acceptance of emails received by ISP(Gmail, Yahoo, AOL) servers differs from each other. Thus the email throughput needs to be adjusted from time to time for a deliverability engineer to ensure that ISPs are receiving the emails at an optimum rate that they accept.

If the rate of sending the emails is more than what is accepted at that point in time by the ISP servers then, it could lead to delivery issues. The data sent by ISPs are generally uncovered in your SMTP error logs.


What’s in it for you?

One word: PEACE !!

We have better ways than our competitors to stop the bad guys from entering and polluting our network, better ways to guide you through warm-up and even better ways to deliver emails to the inbox.

All you have to do is to send emails that your subscribers love and the rest is taken care of.


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