Subaccounts simplify management of your email domains and users, under one account

Subaccounts are the child accounts of a single Master Account whose email credits are shared. Each Subaccount has their own unique account settings, SMTP credentials, statistics, and login.

You only need one account, but can manage everything under one username. Then you can take advantage of efficient email volume pricing and leverage credits by combining your domains into one account.

Subaccounts Overview

Dont Worry About Your Reputation Being Tarnished by Other Sender Domains

Each Subaccount is mutually exclusive and does not depend on others for reputation.

  • Different IP address for each account.
  • Enable / disable any subaccount in real time.
  • Send emails from different domains.

One Bill for All Your Accounts

Say goodbye to invoicing & payment worries.

Pepipost gives you the freedom when it comes to credit & billing management.

  • Avoid unnecessary complexity of processing payments for multiple accounts.
  • Allocate credits & pay through a single Master account.
Create Subaccounts

A Single Dashboard for All Your Accounts

You don’t have to worry about logging into multiple accounts to analyze campaign metrics. That's because all your data for Subaccounts is available on a single dashboard.

  • Subaccount users can optimize their campaigns and access live reports on email requests, delivery, opens, clicks, bounces, abuses.
  • Each Subaccount user can get individual reports about their email marketing performance.
  • You can enable or disable Subaccounts anytime.

Manage Email Credits with Ease

Your Master account can wisely allocate email credits to its Subaccounts. This means can choose between One-time Credit allocation or Unlimited Credit allocation.

Email credit to subaccounts

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