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My Anti-Spam Super Power helps my crew fight to get your emails into the inbox!

Like Superman, I have my own kind of kryptonite, and it’s called bad data. Getting rid of bad data is the first step to take when fighting the spam box. Then my Anti-Spam Super Power can kick in!

Email Deliverability Consulting

Are your emails landing in your subscriber's spam box, rather than their inbox? Are your emails being delivered too slowly?

We understand how important it is for your customers to receive your emails in their inbox, on time, every time. We can take care of your "need for speed"!

That’s why Pepipost's highly skilled Deliverability Consulting team was formed, using advanced levels of email vigilance that mitigate most of your email delivery risks (like landing in spam!).

Guess what? Our basic package is FREE! Read on to find out more!

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Our ~20 person email deliverability team consists of experienced data scientists, deliverability experts, email marketing professionals, industry thought leaders and anti-spam experts who help:

  • Identify your email deliverability issue
  • Trace the problem and nip it at its source
  • Ensure your emails are delivered to the inbox
  • Check the health of your existing email list
  • Optimize the health of your existing email list
  • Fix dynamic sending issues may crop up
  • Provide 360-degree email consulting services for complete optimization

These comprehensive inputs will ensure that you entire email marketing strategy functions in a way to achieve maximum ROI.

After all, that’s what matters most in business.

So, let’s get started!


Case Study: West Coast Retailer

Find out how this West Coast retailer’s spam issues caused significant revenue loss—and what we did to get their email into their customer’s inboxes.

Email Deliverability Consulting Packages

Our email deliverability consulting service package has two layers:

  1. Basic Assessment
  2. Comprehensive Assessment

Basic Assessment package

In our Basic Assessment, we check the following:

  1. Domain and IP health
  2. Technical setup and authentication
  3. DNSBL review
  4. Content review for spam triggers

What do you get? A report of our findings and actionable recommendations for your team to follow.

Sound interesting? To get started click here

The cost? Our Basic Assessment service is free.

Comprehensive Assessment package

Our Comprehensive Assessment service is a high quality, custom audit of your email program. We check many factors (technical and non-technical) that impacts Email Delivery.

This includes:

  1. The Basic Assessment
  2. Current status of deliverability at major ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.
  3. Recommendations related to email delivery based on your email program and customer journey
  4. List management and segmentation strategies review and recommendations
  5. A full report on identified problems and recommendations to improve inbox placement and the quality of your overall email program.

To get started with your comprehensive assessment please click here

The cost? Since our comprehensive assessment is a deep analysis with recommendations, it does involve a cost, because our developers need to eat! The fee will be based on the number of domains, IP's and lists that you manage.

For both the assessments, we will need to verify that you are an administrator of your domain. So go ahead and create a Pepipost ID, then add and verify ownership of your domain.

Let's start inboxing!!


Has Your Email Performance Dropped Recently?

If your emails are going to spam, that’s just one of the signs. Find out for sure with Pepi’s Spam Alert. No obligation; we’re happy to help!

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