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The Pepipost team is terrific; we have excellent communication. They are really smart and extremely adept at helping with configurations. We view them as an important ally.

Scott Wolf
CEO, ArcaMax Publishing

Using Double Opt-in for Optimal Results


ArcaMax (founded in 1999) is a leading provider and publisher of news and syndicated features. ArcaMax distributes hundreds of features to millions of subscribers via email daily. Their main source of revenue is from advertising, which means that content is free for subscribers/readers.

The Challenge

Like most online publishers, ArcaMax relies on its subscriber strength and its constant growth to drive revenue. They have a list of over 3.5 Mn people and more email opens and engagement with these subscribers is always needed to grow the business.

  • ArcaMax uses in-house systems to send emails to their regular list of subscribers.
  • They needed ESP’s who would ensure that their initial confirmation emails were successfully delivered to a new subscriber’s inbox and not their spam folder. With these emails landing in spam, it created an obstacle to steady growth in subscribers.

How Pepipost’s Email Delivery Service helped

As the number of subscribers for a publishing house like ArcaMax is always crucial to the business, the instances of first confirmation emails going to spam had to be reduced on a priority basis so as not to be an obstacle to the growing user base/ subscriber statistics.

The primary source of revenue for the business is advertising. Any obstacle like problems with inboxing confirmation emails for double opt-ins could largely impact the core business.

The objective for Pepipost was to minimize the number of instances of these first confirmation emails from reaching the recipient’s spam folder in order to provide a more optimal double opt-in experience and to maintain a steady increase of subscribers.

While some companies reject double opt-ins, ArcaMax, as well as the Pepipost Email Delivery Team, embraces it.

As an industry practice, double opt-ins are always considered the preferred option because:

  • Double opt-in ensures that a company’s list is filled with subscribers who will willingly engage with the content
  • Minimizes the chances of bots from signing up
  • Double opt-in makes it easier to comply with dynamic changes to privacy regulations in this space

ArcaMax respects both their readers and their advertisers equally and to balance their core company objectives effectively, maintaining credibility is always important.

Ensuring New Subscriber Confirmation Emails Stopped going to Spam

Our email delivery experts first worked on the entire flow and process of the existing system to give it more controlled settings.

These changes helped by:

-Preventing toxic email ids from being sent the confirmation email right away

-This in turn helped improve domain reputation

Pepipost’s AI-based email delivery features helped in better configuration and connection management, which in turn resulted in better email inboxing.   

By focusing on:

-identifying what to inject into the system,
-closely tracking the progress and making real-time adjustments, they witnessed a 20% improvement in first email delivery rates for new subscribers.

This improved deliverability ensured new subscribers numbers didn’t fall.
The overall strategy also helped them to get more confirmed subscribers.


The ArcaMax team started seeing results with improved deliverability within the first week.

ArcaMax now considers Pepipost to be more of a partner who helps them achieve their objectives.


ArcaMax was one of the first clients of Pepipost. By helping them fix their deliverability challenge, we were able to work with them on many more associated services.


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