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Company Background

A-1 Supplements is an online supplement company specializing in sports nutrition and lifestyle supplements. It is strategically based in Knoxville, Tennessee, which is the shipping "sweet spot" for 70% of the US population.

Email is one of the company’s important marketing channels for reaching out to new customers and retaining existing ones. Email marketing is used to promote their health supplements and keep customer loyalty. It is also a source for maintaining the communication with customers, making it one of their primary sources of brand engagement and revenue. Marketing emails are an important part of their business model, as these emails keep the users engaged throughout the buying process.


A1 had been provided a handover for their daily promotional mailing post setting up a successful email program by Netcore. They had a successful warmup of their domain and IP then, subsequently, a scale up process and were thus handed over the reins of handling their email program for the future.

But in May 2019, post handing over the control of the email program to A1 supplements, they faced a major bump on the road. Their inactive to active data volume being targeted had become disproportionate hence, there was a deterioration in Inbox placement at MSPs (Mailbox service providers).

The domain performance also dipped considerably in a matter of weeks and their open rates went drastically below par.

Due to multiple reasons like emails going spam and consistent mailing to inactive user ids, MSPs like Gmail had filtered the brand name, domain and content layout on their end. This had brought the entire email activity to a complete stop.

There were losses on the ROI front as email is one of the important revenue generation streams for the company. A1 supplements team was not happy with their IPR and campaign performance. All of this was leading to more damage to their domain and IP reputation. Business opportunities were being lost due to their inability to get emails to inbox.

This is when they approached Netcore’s Deliverability consultants to pull them out of the crisis.

How Netcore team helped A1 supplements?

We then got involved with A1 supplements and started consulting the brand again on matters pertaining to good practices of email deliverability and strategy.

They had a round of discussions with the brand in terms of the campaigns they have been sending and analysed the data to uncover insights.

As the current subdomain was having a low reputation and blocked at MSPs, the suggestion was provided to get new sub-domains keeping the active and inactive streams separate. Warmup process had to be followed on the sub domains and warmup the IPs as per the guidelines of MSPs.

This was done to ensure that the past mistake was not repeated and the two streams of data will not affect each other. Only the engaged users from the campaigns sent to inactive users twice per month are migrated to the active users panel for retargeting.

New sign-ups were automatically added to the promotional panel so that they would be sent relevant campaigns early on. This is done so that the new subscribers get a taste of the promotional offers from the brand, the moment they sign up. This increases the curiosity of the users to browse through brand products. This also provides a further leeway for brand indoctrination exercises.

Along with improving the email deliverability aspect of the program, excellent customer support was provided to ensure that the brand was on the same page in terms of progress made and the realistic time it might take to achieve the incremental milestones along the way.

The KPIs were tracked religiously and everyone on the brand marketing side was ensured that daily progress was being made.

Expert consultancy for campaign strategies to be done and the segmentation of the audience to achieve high engagement was key in the improvement of the email metrics for A1 supplements.

The dataset was also analyzed to provide helpful insights into buyer persona and which segments were apt to be targeted for extracting conversions and responses.


With Netcore’s expert consultancy A1 supplements team doubled their engagement and IPR.

The results were incremental but the positives were clear to see once the regular volumes were scaled up.

In just 4 months from December 2019 to April 2020, the open rates had doubled and the inboxing was touching 93%+. The deliverability rate had almost doubled to what they had before Netcore stepped in.

Naturally, there was a considerable jump in the email conversion rate for A1 as well.

The month-wise open rates trend was as follows:

  • Increased deliverability with 93%+ Inboxing rate across MBPs
  • 2X opens for high volume campaigns
  • Improvement in ROI per campaign
  • An efficient sunset policy was set up for the inactive audience and those users who have not responded to campaigns for a defined period of time have been removed from the mailing list. This has let to good list hygiene and greater engagement,

    The domain and IP reputations also improved due to increased engagement from the active users and hence this ultimately led to a boost in the brand presence as well.

    Their promotional emails are no more being filtered by MSPs and the email program is running smoothly.

    The deliverability consultants of Netcore were able to help A1 supplements ace the email game with their expertise and support!

    A1 supplements and Netcore Pepipost proved to be a power combination due to the following reasons:

    • Our client was able to maintain a 92-93% inboxing rate, with very high inboxing to Gmail.
    • Most emails reached the “Primary” tab in Gmail!
    • There was a significant surge in hotel bookings and customer outreach
    • Achieved 2x higher deliverability and Click-through rate compared to SendGrid

    Easy to use deliverability tools available

    Netcore’s AI powered delivery gateway provides the sender with more control and trust on the delivery side.

    Dedicated customer support

    Pro-active and dedicated customer and Email support to lighten the burden on the client for scaling up their email program. Netcore provides ease of scalability on a customer’s email program.

    Email expertise of our deliverability consultants

    Deliverability suggestions are provided keeping in mind the brand’s business model and their email targets.

    Email strategy consulting

    Netcore Pepipost as an ESP has excellent relations with major ISPs. This provides us with the insights to guide the brands better in terms of the reactions of ISPs to different sending patterns. It helps immensely in helping the brand with email strategy.


    As an online retailer, A1 Supplements has to rely pretty heavily on the internet and email marketing to reach existing customers as well as retaining new customers. Netcore has been able to provide us with excellent customer service, re-marketing strategies, and targeting tools to ensure each customer receives a customized experience. Even though our company isn’t very large, with their help we have been able to give our customers a top-notch email marketing at unrivaled prices.

    Nick Saliba

    CEO, A1 Supplements

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