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42% Uplift in
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Company Background
and Challenge

A leading job site, headquartered in the United States allows employers to connect with more than 60 million candidates, target the right talent, and place custom advertisements.

We’ll call our client brand X throughout the rest of the case study

  • The Job site sends millions of promotional and transactional emails on a daily basis.
  • They are depended on email marketing for their website traffic and revenue from jobs provided to the successful candidates.
  • They were facing email eliverability issues due to the block-listing of their domain(sending marketing emails) in Spamhaus.
  • We know that when your sending domain or IP gets listed in any of the blocklists, it can be a complete show stopper for your email activity. The emails being sent from a blocked domain or IP are either rejected by the recipient servers or simply put in the spam folder by the ISPs. Brand X was going through a similar fate.
  • Our deliverability team helped brand X to repair their email deliverability upto a remarkable extent. There was an additional improvement in campaign performance with engagement metrics due to our expert consulting.

How Pepipost’s Email Delivery Service Team Helped ?

Our team of email experts spent time on one-on-one consulting with the brand team to understand their customer journey and expectations from email.

Here’s the summary of the requirements of the company:

We studied the current scenario of their email program and created a strategy to reach the deliverability and engagement KPIs.

Here is how we did it.

Resolve blocklist issue

Firstly, we got the domain whitelisted from Spamhaus and we suggested a dedicated setup of domain and delivery IP to prevent such an occurrence again.

DNS correction

The A and PTR records were matched to the same domain in accord with good practices for DNS.

Using the R-F (Recency-Frequency) model for a smooth warmup

We had to follow a steady warmup process for ISPs to build a reputation with the sending domain. We applied the R-F model to boost engagement and domain reputation during the warmup process.The way an R-F model works is by sending campaigns to the most engaged users for a period of 2 weeks. The focus here is to get high open rates and build a reputation with ISPs as a genuine sender.

We targeted organic sign-ups from the website according to recency of last 7-15 days coupled with hyper-engaged users who have opened the emails more number of times in the last 7-15 days.As the warmup process is slow, we started with a small volume of emails and incremented the volumes by 25% each day.In the following weeks, we introduce more direct signup users and the moderately active users to the email campaigns.

Finally, in the last week of scaling up the volumes, we sent the campaigns to some inactive users to re-engage them again with the brand. We recommended a healthy proportion of active and inactive users to keep the email program balanced. The R-F model was able to help us build a good reputation with ISPs in a 30 day period and there were no major hiccups when it came to email deliverability. Thus we had scaled up on the regular volumes of the brand X within a month’s time with excellent results. The brand had visibility of day-to-day volumes and performance as it could alter based on how the ISPs respond to the emails.

AI features of Pepipost

The predictive engagement feature of Pepipost allowed high engagers from the brand X’s mailing list to deliver their emails on priority. The less engaged users were sent the emails later according to priority. Due to the high open rate incurred early on, the deliverability of these emails is also high and ISPs(Gmail,Yahoo,Hotmail etc.) in-turn allow the less active users to also deliver to inbox.

With the adaptive throughput feature, our email delivery engine monitors ISP responses in real-time and adjusts the email throughput accordingly. Thus there are no issues and delivery is carried out smoothly to recipient servers. This increases email deliverability and promotes greater delivery of emails across the ISPs.

The R-F model, with the addition of AI features, helped to scale up the volumes quickly post the conclusion of the warmup activity.

Key Result

Following were the key achievements that our team could provide brand X :

  • Post scaling up their volume of mails from Netcore, following the R-F model, and using the AI features of Pepipost, brand X witnessed an uplift in their inboxing and open percentages.
  • There was a 23% jump in deliverability across MSPs from the period of March to June 2020. Gmail inboxing increased by 26% during the same period, which was a huge improvement.
  • Brand X was able to achieve 92%+ inboxing in Gmail and 96% in Yahoo and maintain it.
  • There was a significant 42% increase in open rates from January to May 2020, in the engagement of the users.
  • A quick scale-up of high volumes had been carried out within months with superior deliverability and engagement.
  • There was a surge in traffic on website searches and activity due to the increased traction from the email program.
  • Our client was able to maintain a 92-93% inboxing rate, with very high inboxing to Gmail.
  • Most emails reached the “Primary” tab in Gmail!
  • There was a significant surge in hotel bookings and customer outreach
  • Achieved 2x higher deliverability and Click-through rate compared to SendGrid


As an online retailer, A1 Supplements has to rely pretty heavily on the internet and email marketing to reach existing customers as well as retaining new customers. Netcore has been able to provide us with excellent customer service, re-marketing strategies, and targeting tools to ensure each customer receives a customized experience. Even though our company isn’t very large, with their help we have been able to give our customers a top-notch email marketing at unrivaled prices.

Nick Saliba

CEO, A1 Supplements

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