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It’s a dark time. But in a way, it’s a good time for email marketers because people still need to connect with each other.

Sure, they can connect on social media. But remember how social was supposed to kill email? Yeah, that didn’t happen. Email is still king.

The name of the game is providing help, goodwill, and value without purchase, providing goodwill, and helping people. How do you do that?

One way to get an email opened right now is to use “COVID” in the subject line because that’s the topic people care about — internal discussions aside.

In this episode of the Email Unplugged Podcast, Powered by Netcore, Dennis talks with Jeanne Jennings, Founder, and Chief Strategist at Email Optimization Shop, a boutique consultancy focused on optimizing bottom-line email marketing performance with strategic testing.

They discuss:

  • How companies can contribute during a crisis
  • What should companies be doing with email right now?
  • Connective content vs sales during COVID

PS Also know what Netcore is giving away to all email lovers through COVID-19 Relief Program!

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